Why Managed IT Services for Oil & Gas Companies is Necessary

Did you know oil and gas companies lose about 3-5% of their production due to unplanned downtime? As oil and gas companies adopt new technologies, managed IT services are necessary. Particularly in keeping your IT infrastructure efficient and reliable. Managed IT services provide support, and put in place solutions before attacks happen. This prepares companies for any disaster and provides a procedure in the event of a cyber-attack. Meanwhile, helping companies maintain their reputation and quality of service. Managed IT can also be a competitive advantage against other players in the industry. 

So why do oil and gas companies need Managed IT Services? Managed IT services for Oil & Gas are an essential part of how this industry runs and operates. Managed IT Services tend to all IT needs so that the company doesn’t have to. That way, employees can perform tasks without the hassle of IT issues. In the office or on the field, employees must be able to work, access, and communicate. Managed IT reduces IT issues, provides proactive maintenance and defends against cyber-attacks. This helps ensure day-to-day operations are secure and data is safe. 

Benefits of Managed IT for Oil & Gas include: 

·      Reduced operational cost

·      Improved quality and efficiency

·      Optimized management

·      Enhanced recovery

How does it work? 

Managed IT services are a cost-effective way for businesses to outsource technology services. Managed IT provides knowledge, resources, and support to meet your tailored IT needs. 

IT Services for Oil & Gas:

·      Help desk

·      Management for servers

·      Mobile device management

·      Managed Security Services

·      Disaster recovery

·      Data Back-up

·      Restoration

To create a custom IT infrastructure for your company. A managed IT provider will perform an assessment to analyze the company’s situation. They will then be able to address any concerns and create a solution tailored for you. Managed IT services will then build, maintain, and monitor your company network. Ensuring all operations run as they should.

Types of Oil & Gas Services

In the Oil & Gas Industry, IT is a crucial part of productivity. If you have employees located in different departments or on the field. Day-to-day operations still must run smoothly. Regardless of the environment and conditions in which this industry operates. Managed IT custom builds a solution by mixing and matching services to meet the needs of an Oil & Gas company. 

Types of Managed IT that are industry-specific for oil & gas companies are:

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing allows employees to access resources and data anywhere, at any time. This is beneficial for oil & gas employees that are in different time zones, areas of the country, or on the oil rigs. They can remote access the cloud and access everything they need to do their job. Cloud computing stores, manages and monitors data so that there are no interruptions. Cloud computing has 24/7 access and security, offering flexibility for your employees. Work that is accessible increases productivity resulting in profits.

Network Security

Managed network security protects businesses from any kind of cyber-attack or threats. Services include installing a firewall, securing a WiFi connection, anti-virus protection, and more. This is especially important for Oil & Gas companies wanting to protect sensitive data. Data sent and received along with other private company information could be at risk. With managed network security services, you are able to prevent and maintain control. Clients want to know if their information is safe when doing business with you. Having a reliable network security provider upholds reputation and profitability.

Data Backup

Data Backup ensures the protection of your data in the event of a data breach or disaster. Regular backups keep your sensitive information up to date and saved to the cloud. For example, because data gets backed up to the cloud, it is retrievable. It remains safe and secure in the cloud so that you can recover your work. Oil & Gas companies can’t afford to lose data. The data collected on-site is vital and can cost a company a small fortune or days of lost work. Backup services include frequent backups, file recovery, and reduced network traffic.

Oil & Gas Managed IT Service Professionals

Elevated Technologies offers all three Managed IT services listed above. We want to help you stay up to date with the latest cyber threats and provide 24/7 support. Managed IT Services for Oil & Gas is a vital tool that implements productivity in the workplace. Not only for the employees but the industry as a whole. Elevated Technologies has a reliable team to take over your IT needs. Keeping your data safe and ensuring operations are running up to your standards. Visit our contact page to get a quote or ask more about the services we offer. We would love to work with you, learn more about us on our home page!

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