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Elevated Technologies is dedicated to providing Houston businesses with the most innovative IT support services at an affordable price. We have a solution for even the toughest IT management problems, and we build infrastructure to meet your unique needs.

We know your business will benefit from our wide-array of various solutions, and we encourage you to read our reviews to see why our customers choose our company time and time again.

CU Alliance

Looking for Data Protection and Peace of Mind?

Corrosion Resistant Alloys

Need Fast Response to IT Needs?

Sprint Sand & Clay

Is Uptime Critical to Your Business?
Ron Moore
Ron Moore
Plant & Machinery, Inc.

Need Your IT Issues Responded To And Resolved Fast?

Elevated Technologies provides us the reliable and fast support we need, when we need it. Our IT systems are critical to our business. We don't want to worry about where our "computer guy" is when we need him. Elevated Technologies takes that worry away by always being available and ensuring our IT systems are up and running.

Our partnership with Elevated Technologies has lasted for many years. If you are looking for reliable, trustworthy IT support, give them a chance. You won't be disappointed.

Pam Franz
Pam Franz
Office Manager
Dentistry by RSE

Want To See More Patients And Increase Revenue?

Elevated Technologies knows our EMR system as well, if not better than the vendors who write it. They have been able to resolve all of our dental system issues in record time. This allows us to see more patients than ever before. Our revenues are up 10% as a result!
Melanie Mangel
Melanie Mangel
Land Tejas

Cloud Solutions Gain Efficiencies With NO Downtime!

Elevated Technologies has a very knowledgeable staff. As we have not worked with IT companies in the same capacity as Elevated Technologies, it is great how patiently and wonderfully they work with us. There is NO downtime with our Cloud services and having the Cloud has given us the ability to work from anywhere. We are more productive than ever before! Elevated also gives us an immediate response when we have questions. We are lucky to work with them and would absolutely recommend their services.

Lanette Reinhardt
Lanette Reinhardt
Project Administrator
CTC Concrete

Eight Years For Us and Still Going Strong!

Elevated Technologies provides us peace of mind knowing they are only a few clicks away.  With our previous IT provider, we had to wait until someone physically visited our office once a week. Now having a company who can access our systems within minutes, they keep us operating efficiently.

Having a "one-stop shop" has been a lifesaver for us. Being a small company, we do not have the resources to allocate a full-time person for IT. So being able to have one group, primarily at our fingertips, is paramount!

I have worked with this firm over the past eight years and would not suggest anyone else. They are timely, professional and always looking for ways to improve our processes in a cost-efficient way. You can't go wrong with Elevated Technologies!!

Timothy Bedore
Timothy Bedore
Vice President & General Manager
Tubular Solutions

Looking For the Answer to Your IT Needs?

Elevated Technologies is the best in the business! We have tried numerous IT companies in the past, but no other company has taken care of our technology needs like Elevated. We now stay up to date on technology and cyber security with budget-friendly solutions.

If you are looking for courteous, professional and extremely experienced IT support, then Elevated Technologies is the answer for all your IT support needs and beyond. They are the only company we will ever use for IT services.

Amy Jolly
Amy Jolly
HR and Recruiting Manager
BGT Interior Solutions

Grow Your Business Efficiently and Securely Using the Elevated Cloud!

Hiring Elevated Technologies is a no-brainer. They have worked hand-in-hand with our employees ensuring our technological presence is safe, secure and efficient. The help desk is fantastic and our staff always receives lightning speed responses when an issue comes up. We have essentially doubled our employee headcount since partnering with Elevated. Moving to their hosted Cloud has allowed our staff to connect and work seamlessly with one another, specifically during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Jodi Edgar
Jodi Edgar
Vice President of Finance
Prime Downhole Manufacturing LLC

Want to Transform Your Cybersecurity and Decrease IT Downtime?

Elevated Technologies is the type of business that is only satisfied when the job is complete. We first started searching for a new IT company in the midst of a major security breach. When we came across Elevated Tech, they were confident and diligent in reversing the damage and transforming our business’s IT. Being able to have all our IT needs managed centrally has decreased IT downtime, allowing our staff to work with minimum technical interruption. If you’re looking for an IT company with a personable and knowledgeable staff that provides invaluable support, look no further.

Hunter Metoyer
Hunter Metoyer
SMS Precision Tech

An Unmatched IT Provider with Quick Response Time

Having Elevated Technologies as our IT provider has proved to be a great business decision. We receive immediate service by a team that is familiar with our system and able to handle our needs. We are able to work much more efficiently than we did with our previous service provider. Our business’s security has greatly improved as well. From email filtering to internal polices, Elevated has helped us check all our security boxes. Our confidence in the current service they provide is one thing, but knowing we can easily scale up to many more times our current capacity if needed, is another. If you’re looking for a provider that supplies unmatched, customized service to your business, Elevated is the way to go.

Eliminate downtime and increase your business's productivity with reliable IT Support from Houston professionals with experience in every aspect of IT technology.

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