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Cloud Hosting Needs

CIPM came to Elevated Technologies in need of a more stable cloud hosting solution for their Houston business. They understood the benefit and value of using a cloud solution for their work. But the cloud hosting solutions that they were using at the time gave them various cloud server stability-related issues. The connectivity and support they received at the time did not meet their standards or their needs for the best cloud hosting. CIPM wanted to stay in its managed cloud but was not satisfied with its cloud hosting provider. Thus, they began searching for a new cloud hosting service that could meet their needs with a cloud hosting solution.

Cloud Hosting Solution

CIPM met with Elevated Technologies to discuss their cloud hosting needs. Elevated Technologies ensured that CIPM would be more than satisfied with their new cloud services. CIPM partnered with Elevated Technologies to leverage their virtual private server. Elevated Technologies moved all their applications, files, and emails to their cloud servers. CIPM spent time in a test mode to ensure that everything was operating according to their cloud hosting plans. Elevated Technologies’ cloud hosting packages are company-owned and operated. This gives them more control, flexibility, and stability over other cloud hosting providers.

The Best Cloud Hosting Results

Switching cloud hosting solutions in Houston for CIPM’s business proved to be a huge upgrade and productivity booster. Since the hosting provider switch, they have been excelling with the new cloud hosting servers. They are enjoying the increased stability and the quick response of our staff with the best cloud hosting services. CIPM is more productive and continues to grow both its San Antonio and Houston offices with some of the best cloud hosting providers. When using our cloud hosting services, you increase the adaptability and flexibility of your company. Companies that utilize cloud computing have more time to develop and expand their cloud hosting companies. Our staff is dedicated to enhancing business continuity at your cloud web hosting organization. You contribute to the growth of your firm by using our cloud server hosting solutions and affordable cloud hosting.


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