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Cyber Attacks

Civil Tech, an engineering company in Houston, relied on their own IT staff before coming to Elevated Technologies. When it comes to cyber security, protection is needed around the clock and not simply during working hours. Cyber attackers can arrive at any moment which is why having a dedicated security controls provider is essential. This goes for any Houston business that hopes to grow, flourish, and avoid cybersecurity threats. A successful cyber security strategy has a critical infrastructure of protection. Computer systems, networks, mobile devices, and sensitive data, must be kept safe with security measures. As Civil Tech continued to expand, they began looking to increase the cyber security initiatives for their company. Elevated Tech found it clear that Civil Tech would need an infrastructure security agency solution. Our cyber security professionals offer a diligent email spam filtering solution. These cyber security solutions collectively were needed to help mitigate the risks of today’s cyber attacks.

Security Solutions

Once CivilTech partnered with Elevated Technologies, Elevated brought in advanced endpoint protecting systems. This cyber security software utilizes machine learning to alert and block cyber threats. Elevated Tech also installed spam filtering that blocks 99% of unwanted spam and sensitive data breaches. A secure, encrypted email solution was configured to allow for the transfer of sensitive information. As for all correspondence of sensitive data, this information is stored on an encryption server. It's never transferred in a normal email format to ensure there is no chance to steal sensitive data.

Security Measures

CivilTech’s internal IT staff can rest better at night knowing they have stellar security measures. This limits the chances of a cyber attack on their business as well as any malicious software entering their computer systems. Thus, giving them more time to focus on other projects that help the company grow. Without proper cyber security measures, hackers can easily gain access to sensitive data. CivilTech is also protected against potential data breaches by sending encrypted emails. These solutions continue to serve as a more secure cybersecurity monitoring service. This will continue to expand as the business expands as cyber threats increase. At Elevated Technologies, we take a variety of cyber security precautions to keep your company safe from cyber attacks. Cyber security isn't simply about strong passwords and firewalls. Achieving a cyber security solution requires the help of a chief information security officer expert.

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