Cyber Security

The Business' Need

Civil Tech, an engineering company in Houston, relied quite a bit on their internal IT staff before coming to Elevated Technologies. When it comes to cyber security, protection is needed around the clock and not simply during working hours. Considering a threat could arrive at any moment, having a dedicated cyber security service provider is quite essential for any Houston business that hopes to continue to grow and flourish. As Civil Tech continued to expand, they began looking to increase the cyber security initiatives for their company. Upon Elevated Technology’s observation and inspection, it was clear that Civil Tech would need of a more robust antivirus/antimalware solution, a more diligent email spam filtering solution, and encrypted email functionality. All of these solutions collectively were needed to help mitigate risks by today’s cyber threats.

Our Solution

Once CivilTech partnered with Elevated Technologies, Elevated brought in advanced endpoint protection software. This software utilizes machine learning to alert and block cyber threats. Elevated Technologies also helped implement industry-leading spam filtering that is known to block 99% of unwanted spam and potential phishing attempts. A secure, encrypted email solution was configured to allow for the transfer of sensitive information. As for all correspondence of sensitive information, this data is stored on an encryption server and is never transferred in normal email format.

The Results

CivilTech’s internal IT staff can rest a little better at night knowing they have technology in place to limit the chances of a cyber attack on their business. This gives them more time to focus on other projects that help the company grow. The Houston business is also protected against potential data breaches by sending encrypted emails. These solutions continue to serve as a more protective and secure cybersecurity monitoring service that will continue to
expand as the business expands and cyber threats increase.

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