Disaster Recovery Plan

The Business' Need:

Disaster Recovery Plan and Secure Email Hosting

Millions of dollars can be saved by a company implementing a disaster recovery plan. Credit Union Alliance Corp. (CUAC) in Houston, Texas realized this. One of our clients referred CUAC to us, and after meeting with their in-house IT manager. We discovered that CUAC was operating with no form of a disaster recovery plan. They were also in desperate need of updating their extremely outdated email hosting.

How to Fix this:

Implemented Secure data backup and secure email in case of disaster

We deployed our data recovery plan, which provides off-site backups for CUAC’s in-house servers. These backups allow them to retrieve data in the event of a disaster in their office. This ensures that no matter what accidents may occur, their information and data will always be accessible, safe, and secure. This was our disaster recovery strategy to ensure no data loss.

In addition, we were able to provide CUAC with secure email hosting on an updated Microsoft Exchange cloud server. We also assisted with the migration of approximately 100 email accounts. This not only enhanced email security but the company’s overall workflow.

Disaster Recovery Solutions: Data Protection

With their data storage and email now secure, Credit Union Alliance Corp. enjoys the reliability, immediacy, and convenience of messaging and collaborating both inside and outside the office. Likewise, they can rest assured that their data and email are always protected.

Contact Elevated Technologies to implement a disaster recovery plan for your business. You can also avail yourself of our data security services to ensure your data is safe and sound in case of an IT disaster.


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