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The Business' Need

Veristic Technologies, an engineering company in Houston, was experiencing accelerated growth in their company at the time they began looking for IT managed services. They had surpassed the ability to handle their IT management in house and, as most growing companies do, they needed an IT managed service in Houston that they could count on to help them scale and grow the business (and without worrying about unstable IT systems). Additionally, they needed an infrastructure hardware upgrade due to their outdated equipment and additional cybersecurity solutions. It was clear in the initial meet between Elevated Technologies and Veristic Technologies that the ever-growing company would need an IT managed service in Houston with the ability to not simply adapt, but to maintain high-quality service as well.

Our Solution

Elevated Technologies took over full IT management of Veristic Technology’s infrastructure. This allowed for the Veristic staff to return to focusing on growing the business without any IT management worries. When Veristic Technologies executed an IT managed services agreement with Elevated Technologies, it was out with the old and in with the latest technology. Elevated designed a new support system, hardware upgrade project, and a new cybersecurity program all carefully formulated to support and secure Versitic on all fronts through their continual growth. A new firewall was installed, servers were upgraded and virtualized, and cybersecurity and dark web monitors were deployed.

The Results

Veristic Technologies has since been off to the races, steadily and rapidly continuing to grow their already successful company. Currently, they are preparing to open a brand new branch office. While ordinarily, such a decision would be met with worry about the technical side of the expansion, this decision is a lot easier to make knowing that one has an IT managed service in Houston that can be relied on. Veristic Technologies now benefits from an upgraded and virtualized infrastructure making them more efficient and productive. Their management continues to rest better at night knowing their business is protected against today’s cyber threats.

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