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As a services company, we understand that it can be a daunting task to find the right managed services firm for your business. Managed services can provide your business with a lot of benefits, but it’s important to choose the right managed services provider. In this case study, we will show you how Veristic Technologies used managed IT support with Elevated Technologies to support their medium-sized business.

About Veristic Technologies

Veristic Technologies was founded in 1984, and today they’re a network consulting firm. They provide IT solutions for medium-sized businesses across Houston and beyond. Veristic works on different projects every day which is why it is always important for them to make sure their technology is up to date and secure.

Managed Service Providers in Today's Business World

In today's world of technology and digitalization, businesses find themselves in a constant battle to stay afloat. A services company can provide managed IT support that takes the burden of security and network maintenance off of your shoulders.

Remote Technical Support

Most medium-sized businesses don’t have the time or resources necessary to manage their own technology. But they still want peace of mind that their network will be managed by professionals who know how it works best. This is where Elevated Technologies can help out with Veristic Technologies’ IT needs.

Veristic Technologies, an engineering company in Houston, was experiencing accelerated growth in their company. They came to us for managed services IT support. While this was good news, their infrastructure needed work and couldn't keep up with the demands of new employees. They needed a new service provider. Their server rack consisted of old hardware that had not been updated since 2008. This led to slow performance issues throughout the business day. Additionally, their local internet connection wasn't reliable enough to meet modern standards. Services companies in the past were unable to provide the technology solutions they needed.

IT Support Solutions

After a thorough discussion about the needs of their company, we were able to make a step-by-step plan. We provided them with managed IT support in Houston and meet all of their expectations. We took care of hardware upgrades for key business servers that Veristic Technologies was using within its office space, including the cybersecurity program and support system.  

The Solution: Elevated Technologies Managed IT Services in Action

Once we arrived at Veristic Technologies' location in Houston, our managed IT services team immediately got down to work. We updated their network equipment. We also designed a suitable solution based around Flexential's managed data center colocation (MDC).

How a Company Excels

The first step was removing all outdated hardware from their data center cabinet. Once completed, we installed brand-new Dell servers into each of the cabinet's empty slots. We then moved their internet connection from a local ISP to Flexential MDC. This has state-of-the-art fiber-optic lines and bandwidth that Veristic Technologies' business greatly needed in order to operate smoothly.

IT Support Team

When Veristic Technologies executed an IT managed services agreement with Elevated Technologies, it was out with the old and in with the latest technology. Elevated designed a new support system, hardware upgrade project, and a new cybersecurity program. This was carefully formulated to support and secure Veristic on all fronts through their continual growth. A new firewall was installed, servers were upgraded and virtualized, and cybersecurity and dark web monitors were deployed. In addition, managed services IT support was provided for all of the company's computer hardware and software.

Maintaining Success

We make sure managed IT services are always running smoothly by leveraging our support team to monitor all equipment 24/7. Our support technicians are available at any time, no matter what the problem.

We support all of our services with:

Complete on-site support - Our support technicians can be at your location within one hour of a support call

24/hour support - We never just close; we’re always here to help and provide support whenever you need it

Remote support - We offer online service support via the internet, so no matter where you are in the world, we're still here to support you

Comprehensive support - We support all of your IT services including network, software security, and cybercrime defense so that you don't have to worry about anything else

Network architecture and design - We support all of your network equipment, including routers and switches

Cybersecurity - Cybercrime is becoming more of an issue, but we have the support you need to defend your network from hackers and malware

Customized support plans - We can design a support plan that fits your business needs so you only pay for what services you actually use. Our customized service packages include:

Managed backup - Make sure all of your data is safe and secure by using one of our support technicians to manage your backups

Disaster recovery - You can prepare for the worst with help from support engineers who will design disaster recovery plans and respond quickly in case anything goes wrong

Routine maintenance - Let us handle all routine software updates, patch management, network monitoring, system upgrades, antivirus

And more

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Elevated Technologies: Houston Managed Service Providers Support

Today, Veristic Technologies has continued to grow in the engineering industry, moved towards their business goals, and enjoys almost immediate response times for their IT support services. Additionally, because of our managed IT services agreement, they are able to focus more on their business rather than worrying about outdated hardware or unpredictable internet connection speeds.

Benefits of a Services Company like Elevated Technologies

While many support services can be done in-house, support providers like Elevated Technologies offer many benefits. Our support saves you time and money while providing superior support for your network infrastructure.

Our support team is here to provide support 24/24 with:

Peace of mind -  Having support providers like Elevated Technologies means you get the support you need whenever and wherever you require it

Time-saving - Our support engineers are trained to handle routine problems before they become major issues, saving your business both time and money in the long run

Proactive support - We provide proactive support for all of our clients, which helps reduce downtime and prepare for future problems

Top support - Our support engineers have access to the best support tools available so you know your business is getting support from the top professionals in their field

Experience - We’ve been supporting businesses just like yours since 2001, so we understand what it's like to be in your shoes and we know how to support you

Value - We deliver the best support for the lowest price, ensuring that our support is always affordable while still providing premium service levels

Remote Support - We offer online service support via the internet, so no matter where you are in the world, we're still here to support you

Enterprise IT Solutions - Looking for customized enterprise level technologies? From hosting & colocation servers all the way up to cloud computing options , let our experienced staff help support and manage everything your business needs

Servicing Small and Medium Businesses as well as Large Corporations

While energy companies like Veristic need managed service providers, so do small businesses like cafés. Not only does Elevated support all of their network security needs, but they also support Veristic’s business by providing expertise and consulting services to help them find the best solutions for their unique situation.

In Conclusion

When it comes to choosing a managed service provider, you want someone who understands your technology infrastructure inside out so that you can focus on your business. Veristic chose Elevated Technologies to support all of their IT needs, and they’ve been very happy with the results ever since. Customized solutions were what they needed.

Houston Managed Service Provider

Whether you are a web hosting, desk support, financial institution, or energy company like Veristic, we hope you found this case study interesting! To learn more about what a managed services provider like us can do for your company, feel free to contact us today so we can support your network.

Managed Service Support

Houston support services from Elevated is a completely managed IT support provider. We take care of all the details so you don't have to worry about anything else. Our support team provides comprehensive support for network, cybercrime defense, software security, computer hardware & more. Let us handle all of your support needs—we promise quick response times and superior support with customized service packages designed specifically around your company’s unique goals.

If you are interested in learning how our support can help improve efficiency at your office or turn unreliable technology into a thing of the past, contact us today! We provide free consultations as well as remote technical evaluations to help you understand the support needs of your business.

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