Futuristic Nostalgia

Remember the phones that were all the rage about 10 years ago, the flip phone known as the Razr? Do you remember how cool they were and how everyone had one? They were available in a variety of colors, with silver and hot pink being the most popular.  Well, it appears they will be coming back to the future. Motorola, who is owned by Lenovo, released a video showing a clip of high school students using the Razr. At the end of the video, a date of June 9, 2016 is shown. This is creating much speculation that this phone is being brought back from the dead. As cool as this phone was, it was also incredibly easy to break in half, without really even trying to. This video has many people asking one question, “Why?”  In a world of smart phones and smart watches, why bring back a flip phone? In a world of talk-to-text capabilities, why bring back something that requires you to hit a button 3 times to get the letter you desire? Will it have a touch screen, is that possible to do on a flip phone? Who really wants to go back to the flip phone age? With such a tech-savvy world, it is questioned why they would bring back something that doesn’t offer much other than phone calls and pictures. Maybe they think people are longing for simpler times and the nostalgia will drive people to buy it, or maybe it’s a last-ditch effort for Motorola. No one really hears much from Motorola anymore, so maybe this is their way of reverting back to a more prosperous time and hoping that this release will reposition them in the competitive mobile market. Check back with us so we can update you on the latest!

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