Johnson & Johnson Moves to the Cloud

In today’s world, everyone seems to be backing everything up to the cloud, from data and pictures to important documents. Many companies are using the cloud as a way to back up their data. Big corporations have started doing the same thing. It seems as though this has become the norm, and eventually it may be the only way to back up your information. Johnson & Johnson has announced that they have begun making their transition to cloud systems. A spokeswoman for the company said that by 2018, Johnson & Johnson plans to have 85% of their applications in cloud systems. They will be using three separate cloud systems to include Inc., Microsoft Corp. and NTT Communications Corp. The company announced that they will also be shutting down or consolidating 40% of existing software applications. Stuart McGuigan, chief information officer, stated that “Johnson & Johnson turned off its last mainframe last year, which is not something I was sure I’d see in my lifetime: A Fortune 100 company with absolutely no mainframe footprint.” Sandi Peterson, group worldwide chairman stated that the “company has moved more than 500 terabytes of data to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft’s Azure and NTT’s cloud platform, improving how research is conducted”. Peterson went on to say that “aside from cutting costs, cloud provides Johnson & Johnson with a way to grow faster. Putting so much data in the cloud, to use the computer processing power of outside providers, lets the company speed up product development.”

When major Fortune 100 companies start committing to the cloud, it’s a key indicator that a shift in typical business operations is taking place. In case some of you are wondering what cloud computing is, cloud storage providers such as Elevated Technologies gives you a remote data center, where it manages the infrastructure, servers, and virtualization of your data, and you simply access your virtual files using the internet, giving you access anywhere, anytime. As you can see from Johnson & Johnson’s perspective, there are numerous benefits to cloud computing. Elevated Technologies provides cloud based services that you can trust and rely on. To securely backup your data and enjoy convenient access to your data, contact Elevated Technologies and learn what we can do for your business.

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