Managed IT Services FAQs

What does managed IT services mean?

Managed IT services combine unlimited IT support with flat-rate fees. IT service providers monitor the network and infrastructure of a company, and perform required maintenance. At Elevated Technologies, our IT infrastructure includes, but is not limited to: firewalls, PCs, routers and servers.

How much does managed IT services cost?

In an effort to better assist you and your company, Elevated Tech offers unlimited IT management for a flat rate fee. With no long term contract, our fixed monthly fee allows you to focus on the company, while we focus on preventing damage. Contact us today to learn more about our pricing.

Why use managed IT services?

It is better to protect your company before it’s too late. A data breach or network failure are incredibly expensive and require several hours of work. With our managed IT services, we protect your company and prevent any future damage.

What is the difference between managed services and outsourcing?

While both managed services and outsourcing require you to search outside of your company, the scope of work is different. Outsourcing is a much more narrow-scope, whereas managed services is a company offering a wide range of tech services on multiple domains.

If I already have an IT staff, can I still benefit from managed IT services?

Absolutely. In fact, many of our clients have an in-office IT staff that performs daily operations. However, for more advanced technical issues such as IT infrastructure, troubleshooting, data security and network support, our clients trust in us to solve the problem.

What are the steps to an IT solution?

At Elevated Tech, we do not take your security lightly. Our managed IT services specialist will work with you to diagnose the issue and quickly solve it. We will assess your situation, troubleshoot the issue and get you back up and running shortly. Once the problem has been resolved, a member of our team will contact you directly.

Why Elevated Tech?

At Elevated Tech, our clients receive help within 30 minutes of contacting us. There are no long term contracts and our services include antivirus, spam, offsite backups and cyber security. We understand that your business is your top priority, and ensuring the security of it is our top priority.

Eliminate downtime and increase your business's productivity with reliable IT Support from Houston professionals with experience in every aspect of IT technology.

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