Managed Cloud Solutions FAQs

Cloud service management is a growing topic that businesses are moving towards. There are evident advantages and strengths of cloud computing services for businesses specifically. With this approach, a reality of the opportunities presents itself to businesses. Learn more on managed cloud solutions FAQs from our experts here at Elevated Technologies.

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is defined as using a network of Internet hosted remote servers to store, manage, process and protect data. It is an alternative to storing data on local servers or personal computers.

Is cloud computing right for my business?

Due to its benefits, several companies have switched to the cloud. Benefits such as financial savings, work flexibility, storage space and added protection are just a few of the reasons why most businesses have made the transition.

To determine if the cloud is right for your business, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Do I care about the security of my company’s private work and information?
  • Do my employees often work remotely and need access into the database?
  • Would my company benefit from added storage for work, projects and other information?
  • Would I like to save money on IT costs while receiving better network security?

Answering these questions will help determine if switching to the cloud is right for your organization.

What kind of work can be transferred to the cloud?

The cloud is equipped to handle all work applications, from CRM to Test and Dev operations. Most businesses use the cloud for superior data backup. Backing up to the cloud is easy and ensures data security.

Does my company need to hire more IT staff for the cloud transition?

It is not required that you hire more IT personnel, if you already have an existing team in-house. However, if your organization does not have an experienced IT team, we do recommend hiring or freelancing an IT professional to help make the cloud transition smoother.

How safe is the cloud?

At Elevated Tech, our cloud based system provides built-in data security and protection. Our servers run a full system image backup and the latest operating systems to ensure that your data stays protected and your business stays up-to-date.

Does the cloud secure personal information?

Absolutely. In fact, the cloud is one of the safest places to store information, personal and public.

Once I have selected an IT vendor for cloud computing, am I locked in a contract?

At Elevated Tech, our services are month-to-month, which means there is no long term contract. This ensures that we provide superior service and support to keep our clients satisfied each month.

What kinds of businesses benefit from cloud computing?

Cloud-based services allow businesses to access files and data from any location in the world. Companies with employees spread across the globe greatly benefit from this aid. So far, marketing groups, data security firms, global corporations, and accountancies are all taking advantage of this resource. Cloud management allows for flexibility as a business owner. With many companies transitioning to at-home offices, cloud computing benefits increase substantially. 

No matter your reasoning for implementing cloud computing in your business, Elevated Technologies equips you for success. From small businesses to large corporations, we have a solution to fit the needs of your company.

How can cloud computing help small businesses?

Cloud computing services for small business is a tool not all companies utilize to its full advantage. With small businesses, some employees and owners play the role of many different positions. Cloud management allows for an increased ability to collaborate with other team members. When roles and responsibilities are vast, access to a concise IT organization is at the forefront of success. 

Utilizing cloud computing at your small business opens the door to possibilities. This leaves room for improved innovation strides as new processes and shortcuts become a part of the everyday work. More specifics include consistency between users and easy data backups. Cloud computing services providers, such as Elevated Technologies, present a cost-efficient solution.

Why Elevated Tech?

At Elevated Tech, our clients receive help within 30 minutes of contacting us. There are no long term contracts and our services include data security, high-speed applications and scalability. We understand that your business is your top priority, and ensuring the security of it is our top priority. Contact us today to speak with an experienced team member about transitioning to the cloud.

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