Managed Network Security FAQs

What is managed network security?

From cyber security, to business identity theft to phishing threats, our managed network security protects your business from potential attacks. We offer intelligent, 360-degree protection for your business’ network security.

How does managed network security work?

Managed network security services work by protecting you from data breaches, cyber threats, online theft, and more. At Elevated Technologies, we employ our robust service offering: 

  • Cyber attack prevention
  • Business Identity theft protection
  • Phishing testing and training services
  • Cyber security awareness training

By taking a multi-pronged approach, our expert IT support team protects your business from all angles. We custom create cyber security solutions to meet your business’s needs.

How much does managed network security cost?

At Elevated Technologies, we create custom managed network security plans for each client. The overall costs depend on your business’s size and needs. Contact us today to request a free real-time cyber security briefing and quote for your business’s security plan.

What are the business benefits of outsourcing your network security?

When you trust a team like our experts at Elevated Technologies, you know you get the most up-to-date cyber security solutions. By outsourcing your managed network security services, your business saves money, increases productivity, and gets better cyber protection. When you outsource your cyber security plan, you don’t deal with training in-house employees or continuing their education to make sure they stay current on all cyber threats. We take your business’s security off of your long list of responsibilities so that you can focus on other tasks for your company.

Our team is always available to you. Our 30 minute response time is why Houston area businesses trust us for all situations. Unlike most IT companies in the Greater Houston area, we aim to provide the most affordable option to all of our clients. We take a no-frills approach, which means that you only pay for the services that you need.

Why does my company need managed network security?

Hackers are everywhere. Of the businesses that fall prey to a hacker’s cyber security attack, 60% go out of business within six months. To further their longevity and success, businesses need to invest in network security. Without it, they could be part of the 62% that are affected by cyber attacks. Fortunately, Elevated Tech offers managed network security services to help prevent cyber attacks on businesses.

What services are included in managed network security?

Our managed network security services include protection against cyber attacks, business identity theft and phishing threats. It also expands to managed Windows patching and firewall, vulnerability scanning and more. To further assist our clients, Elevated Tech offers user awareness training in Houston to help businesses detect possible cyber threats.

What type of network security does my business need?

At Elevated Tech, we know that no business is alike. From small to midsize businesses to large corporations, each is unique. This is why we offer custom network security to fit your business. Once evaluated, we will work with you directly to determine the business’ needs and network security services.

If I already have an IT staff, will my company still benefit from managed network security?

Absolutely. In fact, several of our clients have an in-office IT staff that performs daily operations. However, we recommend outsourcing managed network security to ensure the safety of your company’s data and privacy, and prevent future cyber attacks.

Why Elevated Tech?

At Elevated Tech, our clients receive assistance within 30 minutes of contacting us. There are no long term contracts and our services include managed remote connectivity and anti-virus protection, two-factor authentication and user awareness training. We understand that your business is your top priority, and ensuring the security of it is our top priority. Contact Elevated Tech today to speak with an experienced team member about managed network security.

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