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As a leading managed IT support company serving Cypress, Texas, Elevated Technologies offers several IT solutions for your business. We provide outstanding support to our Cypress clients, acting as a full-service solution for top-rated IT services for your business.

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Our Cypress IT Support Clients See Growth

CU Alliance

Need peace of mind and data security?

Corrosion Resistant Alloys

Get a fast response to your IT needs.

Sprint Sand & Clay

Upgrade uptime to improve your Cypress business.

Cypress IT Support Services

Flat-Rate IT Support Services

Our Cypress flat-rate IT support services provide you with an excellent option for maintenance, 24/7 security, system setup, and design service for your company's IT assets at a simple flat rate.


Data Backup Services

Don't leave your business open to cyber attacks, deletions, or theft! Our Cypress data backup services include regular backups and 24/7 monitoring to save money while keeping you ahead of any threats.


Managed Network Security

Did you know nearly 3/4 of cyber attacks happen to companies with under 100 employees? Instead of risking your Cypress business, add a solid defense with 24/7 security to predict and help prevent data breaches through our expert setup of your hardware, software, and regular updates.


Cloud Computing Services

What if your team could be effective and efficient from any location with an internet connection? Our Cypress cloud computing services give you the option of flexible growth while you only pay for what you need at the time.


Leading Cypress IT Support Provider

Read more about how Elevated Technologies helped Cypress businesses achieve their IT goals. Elevated Technologies specializes in designing solutions that meet both your technology needs and budget.


Why Elevated Technologies?

Elevated Technologies' expert team is a top provider of Cypress IT support. Our focus to find customized solutions to give you precisely what you need without the extra expense. The strong relationships we've formed with several Cypress businesses have their foundation in our diversified IT team, including experts in every field to cover all your business IT needs. Contact us to discover solid support, no hidden fees, and no-risk policies that put your business first.


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Our IT Support Company Certifications Serving Cypress, TX

CompTIA Security Trustmark+

The CompTIA Security Trustmark logo

Elevated Technologies is a CompTIA Security Trustmark certified provider. We monitor, detect, and repair any breaches in cybersecurity following NIST cybersecurity regulations.

CompTIA Managed Services Trustmark

CompTIA Trust Mark

For Cypress IT services, the CompTIA Managed Services Trustmark means we meet required customer support requirements in tools, systems, and practices when we're on your business site.

CompTIA Cloud+

CompTIA Cloud + Logo

The CompTIA Cloud+ certification means we provide expert cloud computing services with certified optimization and maintenance, giving your business superior operations flexibility.

 CompTIA Security+

security +

CompTIA Security+ certifies that our Cypress IT support customers always have the latest digital security, including large corporations and healthcare systems.