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With the best IT services Houston offers, technology can take your business to new heights. Stay productive, protected, and growing our team at Elevated Technologies as your leader in Houston IT Support. We are your one-stop team for custom IT solutions with unbeatable service and value.

While Houston is an ideal destination to start a business, it has a competitive marketplace full of cyber security threats. It is more important than ever to protect and empower your Houston business through an IT support company. You can’t beat our fast response, value, and availability to deliver a custom solution for your business. 

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Our Houston IT Support Services

Eliminate downtime and increase your business's productivity with reliable Houston IT support services. At Elevated Technologies, our professionals have experience in every aspect of information technology.

Managed IT Services

Our managed IT services provide a more comprehensive, less stressful, cost-saving alternative to in-house IT teams. We handle custom solution design and set up, 24/7 security monitoring, and onsite or remote network support. Our team also provides IT maintenance to businesses in the Houston area. Receive preferred access to expert engineers at value pricing with our package and flat-rate options. Whether it’s a one-time troubleshoot or round-the-clock proactive monitoring and security, our managed IT services Houston are here to help.


Cloud Computing Services

Give your business the flexibility, innovation, and room it needs to grow with our cloud computing Houston services. With our cloud-based Houston IT support services, your business can now operate from anywhere in the world without the need for space-consuming equipment. At Elevated Technologies, our 24/7 security monitoring and data protection ensure your Houston business stays safe no matter how fast it scales location and staffing-wise.  Cut out the costs of frilly, blanket cloud services with our custom cloud computing Houston services.


Data Backup Services

Rest easy knowing that your business’s most valuable information is safe with our data backup Houston services. Guard yourself against attacks, deletions, and Houston’s natural disasters with our 24/7 monitoring and routine cloud backups. At Elevated Technologies, our expert engineers go beyond what is capable in-house by staying one step ahead of snags. We cover every area of expertise when recovery is necessary. We are the IT consulting company that Houston businesses trust. Save money and get the protection that actually works with our Houston area data backup solutions.


Managed Network Security

When all it takes is one cyber attack to devastate your business, managed network security is crucial. Elevated Technologies’ Houston IT support team provides 360 protection for your business. Our experts are always learning and adapting to hacker tactics, ensuring you stay safe from even the most advanced cyber threats. We work 24/7 to predict and prevent breaches. Additionally, we provide your business with all the hardware, software, setup, and updates you need to stay secure through our managed network security Houston services.


Proven Success with Houston IT Support

Read more about how Elevated Technologies helped Houston businesses achieve their IT goals. Elevated Technologies specializes in designing solutions that meet both your technology needs and budget.

Unprecedented IT Support For Small To Large Business In Houston, TX

At Elevated Technologies, our IT support managed services in Houston provide comprehensive support for small, medium, and large businesses. We customize our services to fit your needs.

IT Support For Small Houston Businesses

All small businesses need IT support services, even one-man operations. When your team is smaller, it’s even more important that your IT programs and systems function without interruptions. Small and medium-sized businesses can also save money by outsourcing to Houston IT support services instead of hiring a whole in-house team. 

In addition to high-quality IT support services, small businesses need an impenetrable cybersecurity action plan. Small and medium-sized businesses are more vulnerable to a data breach than large corporations. Cyber attackers assume that they do not have the same sophisticated security systems that larger corporations can employ. 

With our affordable Houston IT support services at Elevated Technologies, small businesses can utilize sophisticated cybersecurity programs and cloud consulting that protects them like a large-sized business.

IT Support For Medium Houston Businesses

Medium-sized businesses need specific IT services that cater to the growth and employee expansion they experience. For example, a growing business bringing on new team members needs a seamless cloud computing system to make the onboarding process simple. 

Houston is a competitive market for medium-sized businesses, and effective back-end systems are what make you stand out from the crowd. Our remote monitoring services catch and solve IT situations before they become a problem for your business.

 IT Support For Large Houston Businesses

As your business grows, so does your shared data. It’s crucial that you ramp up your Houston IT support as more devices connect to your network. With more at stake, you need an IT support team you can trust. 

At Elevated Technologies, we offer robust IT solutions for major businesses in a variety of industries, including:

  • Oil and gas
  • Accounting firms
  • Engineering companies
  • Medical offices
  • And more 

We hold the top certifications for IT support managed services in Houston. Our team also helps large businesses navigate growth, including expanding into international markets.

Our Houston IT Support Process

Offering you more peace of mind is our core mission. Clients rave about our reliability, trustworthiness, and accessibility. Our 30-minute response time guarantees that you won’t lose valuable uptime for your business. When there is an IT issue, we are there to solve it.

Our Houston IT Support Process Includes:

  • World-class data-breach protection 
  • Disaster recovery solutions
  • Cloud computing services
  • Data backup services
  • Managed network security
  • Service desk solutions
  • Quick responses and solutions to IT disruptions

Our services protect you from IT disasters. If problems do arise, we are ready to handle them with immediate solutions. When you call us with a business technologies problem, you are always greeted by a confident Houston IT support professional. Our goal is to keep your day-to-day business operations running to increase your bottom line and give you more peace of mind.

Why Does Your Business Need IT Support?

You can’t afford to lose valuable time to data breaches, server crashes, and other IT issues. In addition, maintaining an in-house IT support team is expensive and inefficient. Outsourcing your Houston IT support is the best of both worlds. You get top-tier IT solutions while saving time and money.

At Elevated Technologies, we provide all of the IT support managed services in Houston that you need. As a one-stop-shop, we take the guesswork out of IT support. Our team of engineers and IT professionals understand the unique problems that Houston businesses face. We take a customized approach in everything we do, which is how we offer solutions that cater to your exact needs. Contact us today to talk about the IT solutions your business needs.

 Safeguard Your Business With Our IT Support

Are you ready to spend less time dealing with IT disasters and losing money to server downtime? We built Houston IT support services to keep your business secure. 

Our disaster recovery solutions cover you when the worst happens with your computer system. In addition, at Elevated Technologies, we provide robust network security solutions to protect your business from data breaches. Our secure cloud computing services allow you to take full advantage of the convenience of cloud-based technology without worrying about cyberattacks. 

Whether you need improved network security, cloud computing setup services, a disaster recovery solution, or something else, our expertise is unbeatable. We employ the most knowledgeable IT engineers in Houston, and we make sure that our team members offer diverse skills and strengths. No matter what kind of security issues you are most concerned with, we have a managed service technology solution to keep your business protected.

A Leading Provider of Houston IT Support

Do you feel let down by your current information technology support firm? At Elevated Technologies, we are the leading provider of Houston IT support services at a great price. We combine the highest trained engineers with custom solutions to fit your business needs, with no costly frills. 

Our Houston area support specialists take pride in our 30 minutes average response time, eliminating the need for in-house IT services. And unlike other services, Elevated Technologies’ experts span every area of the field. 

We provide all-in-one support to Houston businesses with no long-term contracts, no-risk policies, and no hidden fees. Contact us today to learn about the IT consulting company Houston businesses trust with their company’s IT support needs.


Meet Our Founder, Jason Rorie

Choose The Professionals For Houston IT Support

When you are operating a Houston-based business, whether large or small, you need Houston IT support. At Elevated Technologies, our IT professionals know Houston. We understand the local market, competition, and problems that Houston businesses face. Being located in Houston also gives us a comprehensive understanding of the oil and gas industry and the needs of the companies involved in the energy sector.

Unlike the competition, our Houston IT support solutions remain affordable and customized, a rare combination. Our approachable team offers a no-frills approach that provides you with the cutting-edge solutions you need while keeping costs low. You get access to professional services while saving money, a win-win for your business. Contact us to get started with IT support in Houston TX today. 

Houston IT Support FAQs

Our Houston IT Support Company Certifications

Elevated Technologies Recognized with The CompTIA Security Trustmark+ as a Houston Business

The CompTIA Security Trustmark logo

The CompTIA Security Trustmark demonstrates our Houston based company’s ability to detect, address, and fix breaches in cybersecurity. This is used within the industry to prove compliance with NIST cybersecurity regulations such as PCI-DSS, SSAE-16, and HIPAA. 

 Managed Services Houston Recognized with Managed Services Trustmark

CompTIA Trust Mark

The CompTIA Managed Services Trustmark proves our company’s ability to provide complete managed services to customers in the Houston area. Companies must meet standard procedures, follow practice guidelines, and carry the correct systems.

 Cloud Computing Houston Provider Recognized with CompTIA Cloud+

CompTIA Cloud + Logo

The CompTIA Cloud+ certification demonstrates our expertise in the maintenance and optimization of cloud computing services now considered vital to IT systems. We exemplify this skill throughout many Houston based businesses.

IT Support Services in Houston Recognized with CompTIA Security+

security +

CompTIA Security+ is a  global certification demonstrating our knowledge of baseline IT security functions and hands-on expertise. It is the premier certification for us, serving Houston Business, that validates the latest in technical security skills. Most corporations and defense networks use CompTIA Security+ to ensure compliance.