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Give your employees the ability to conduct business operations wherever they have internet connectivity using a reliable managed cloud solution. Not only does our cloud based system enhance the flexibility of your Houston business, but it provides built-in data security and data protection as well. Our servers do a full system image backup so your data stays protected. The 24/7 accessibility provides a platform that is ready to use when you are ready to access it. When you invest in our cloud computing service, you invest in a secure system that increases productivity and efficiency for your business. Giving your employees this type of flexibility and accessibility can help drive profitability.

More than providing unrestricted business operation, our cloud hosting software requires you to purchase minimal networking equipment in your office. We want to make sure that your business has maximum uptime and uninterrupted availability with minimum inner office storage space needed. Our cloud computing system is engineered to provide your business just that. Our servers run the latest operating systems and Microsoft Office versions and are constantly updated so your business stays as up to date as possible. Allow us to give you a simple solution to storing and accessing important company applications and information while keeping the technology up to date so your business increases its success.

What are the Benefits of a Cloud Computing System?

When you use our cloud computing service, your data becomes remote. This minimizes the need to manually do software updates, computer upgrades, and other IT maintenance services on your internal systems. Because your in-house systems become virtual, the need for data management at your business continuity and stop at nothing to ensure your business has all that it needs to operate at its best. Other benefits of our cloud computing system include:

  • Service-provided internet connectivity
  • No server purchase needed
  • Scalability
  • No client provided server licensing required
  • No hardware warranties to keep up with
  • Increased productivity
  • Two-stage cloud computing protection process
  • Data security
  • High-speed applications

Have your business up and running 24/7 with a cloud computing service that consistently provides around-the-clock security. When you invest in cloud management with Elevated Technologies of Houston, you invest in a service that increases the adaptability and flexibility of your business, giving you more time to build and expand your business. Allow us to express our commitment to enhancing business continuity by implementing services made to encourage the growth of your business. Contact us about our cloud computing services and maximize the accessibility, productivity and security of your business today.

Eliminate downtime and increase your business's productivity with reliable IT Support from Houston professionals with experience in every aspect of IT technology.

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