Hackers never sleep and are driven by a desire to break into your business systems to harvest your data and your customers’ confidential information. To prevent a data breach from occurring, partner with Elevated Technologies to defend your network and devices against malicious threats and abnormal user behavior. Our Security Operations Center (SOC) will work continuously to not only detect but to stop cyber intrusions.

You prevent cyber assault with:

  • Knowledge of how to detect suspicious activity on your network
  • Having staff who understand what to do and how to act quickly
  • Continuous network monitoring
  • Keeping up to date with new threats as they emerge.

Making Your Business Legally Compliant in Security Monitoring

Governments are making businesses responsible for protecting data and for preventing cyber intrusion events with laws like Europe's GDPR and other laws like PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and FISMA. More and more of the world’s commerce is moving online, so additional laws will be passed protecting personal identifiable information (PII), payment information, and other business transactional data and will require your company to not only protect your data but also to prevent your computer systems from being used to hack other companies and individuals.

For small and medium businesses this is a daunting task. Those companies need a security partner like Elevated Technologies in Houston, TX. Engaging our company to monitor and protect your network and mobile devices permits you to focus on your core business instead of having to divert your resources to prevent intrusion events.

Preventing a Cyber Attack or Data Breach is More Affordable Than Recovering from One

The costs of recovering from a hacking event can be so high, it could force your business to shut down. There are daily stories regarding data breaches like one reported in the Austin American Statesmen. There’s no indication that cyber attacks will slow down in the future.

Trust is the biggest part of your company’s branding and customers don’t trust companies that are hacked. Customers and vendors could sue you and you could be found negligent of regulatory legislation, resulting in fines and other legal costs.

Security monitoring of your systems can potentially save your business millions of dollars and ensure regulatory compliance. Elevated Technologies is the right cyber attack prevention services company for your Houston business because we consider preventing hacking not only our business but our duty to the economy.

Here’s How Elevated Technologies Detects and Identifies Major System Security Threats

Prevention is ideal, but detection is essential. Here’s how we identify and address hacking events.

  • Port scans, host scans, denied scans, sudden change of traffic between certain IPs or other anomalies in traffic.
  • Network server/device and admin logon anomalies – authentication failures at all times and unusual IPs.
  • Network access irregularities from VPN, wireless logons and domain controllers.
  • Account lockouts, password scans and unusual logon failures.
  • Rogue endpoints, wireless access points.
  • Botnets, mail viruses, worms, DDOS and other “zero day” malware identified by cross-correlating DNS, DHCP, web proxy logs and flow traffic.
  • Abnormalities in web server and database access.

Make Your Business Systems Compliant with PCI-DSS, SOX, GLBA, FDIC, HIPAA, and Other Regulations

Here’s a short list of what we offer your company to help it meet governmental cybersecurity regulations.

  • Full Log management: long term storage, archival and retrieval.
  • Raw log storage, archival, and retrieval
  • Event Log Correlation and Threat Intelligence
  • Log and alert analysis
  • 7 year log retention policy
  • Infosec incident report
  • Executive Summary and Compliance report
  • 100% US based
  • SOC 2 Certified.

Every Hour You Wait to Implement Cyber Attack Prevention Strategies You Are Inviting Hackers to Access Your Data

Protect your company’s data and reputation by acting now. Waiting one day, or even one hour, could make the difference between you staying in business or facing ruin.

Contact Elevated Technologies today to provide your business data the protection it needs.

Eliminate downtime and increase your business's productivity with reliable IT Support from Houston professionals with experience in every aspect of IT technology.

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