Managed Network Security Services

Did you know that 62% of cyber victims are small and mid-size business owners? In addition, 60% of those victims will go out of business within six months of an attack. At Elevated Technologies, we provide managed network security services that deliver worry-free cyber security for your network. We bring the expertise, hardware, software, installation, and continuous updates to protect your business against today’s advanced threats.

What Are Managed Network Security Services?

The best-managed network security services approach cyber security from several angles. In today’s world, online security is about more than strong passwords and firewalls. At Elevated Technologies, our IT support team creates custom managed IT services for each one of our clients. The plans fit with your business needs to prevent specific cyber threats.

The Different Types of Managed Network Security Solutions We Offer Include:

Benefits For Businesses To Outsource Managed Network Security

Our team at Elevated Technologies is your trusted IT partner. We provide outsourced monitoring and management of your security devices and systems. Our IT experts custom-build your managed network security service to meet your company's needs. When you decide to work with us, your information and network security receive the best level of protection for your business. We also provide you with 360-degree protection against any security threat.

Our team makes top-tier managed network security services affordable for small, medium, and large enterprises. We are a great alternative to hiring an expensive in-house IT support team. Our IT experts are always available to you. With a 30 minute or less guaranteed response time, we respond fast in moments of crisis. If a security disaster does occur, we work around the clock to resolve the issue and identify the culprit. 

At Elevated Technologies, preventing cyber attacks is our specialty. Our behind-the-scenes security efforts increase your company’s productivity and bottom line. The quality of service and loyalty we provide is what makes us the top trusted IT company for Houston area businesses. 

Explore Our Managed Network Security Services

We craft our custom cybersecurity services with prevention, protection, testing, and training in mind. Read more about what our managed network security services include below. 

Cyber Attack Prevention 

All businesses are at risk of cyber attacks that could devastate their operation. At Elevated Technologies, our security experts implement several security measures that create a strong barrier against unwanted intruders. We protect your data and your customers from data breaches, ransomware attacks, and other dangerous cyber threats.

Cyber Attack Prevention Services Include:

  • Managed firewall
  • Managed secure WiFi
  • Managed remote connectivity
  • Managed Windows patching
  • Managed third-party patching
  • Managed anti-virus protection
  • Managed SIEM services
  • Threat detection
  • Threat management

Business Identity Theft Protection 

Hackers used advanced methods to steal valuable business data and sell it on the dark web. At Elevated Technologies, along with a robust security plan, we monitor the dark web for leaks on our clients’ behalf. Along with data breaches, we monitor to make sure that no one is illegally impersonating your business. Our team tracks patterns and stays one step ahead of criminal activity. 

Business Identity Theft Protection Services Include:

  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Dark web monitoring 
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Additional prevention monitoring
  • Data backup services
  • Security operations centers (SOCS)
  • Cloud security 
  • Managed detection and response

Along with the Dark Web, we monitor:

  • Hidden chat rooms
  • Private websites
  • Peer-to-peer networks
  • IRC (internet relay chat) channels
  • Social media platforms
  • Black market sites
  • Over 640,000 botnets

Phishing Testing and Training Services

Most cyber threats turn into full-on attacks when an employee clicks on a suspicious link or downloads an unknown file. Through phishing emails and messages, today’s cyber attackers are more convincing than they’ve ever been. It is not hard to mistake a fake email for a legitimate one. 

At Elevated Technologies, we offer employee phishing testing and training services to strengthen your company’s first line of defense against cyber attacks. Our expert IT team teaches your employees how to spot and steer clear of cyber threats that could ruin your business. 

Phishing Testing and Training Services Include:

  • Phishing testing simulations
  • Identifying weak spots in your employee’s knowledge
  • In-depth phishing training for employees
  • Phishing awareness campaign setup 
  • Implementation of clear policies and procedures in response to phishing threats

Cyber Security Awareness Training

Educating your employees on the various cyber threats they could encounter throughout the workday is the best way to protect yourself from damaging cyber attacks. At Elevated Technologies, we offer a robust education program that gets your entire team on the same page.

Cyber Security Awareness Training Services Include:

  • User awareness training
  • Email protection
  • Password policies
  • Web protection 

Managed Network Security For Every Business Size

We customized all of our managed network security plans for each client, which allows us to work with small, medium, and large enterprises. Every client is different with different needs, and one-size-fits-all solutions don’t work. 

We serve clients in a variety of industries, including:

  • Oil and gas
  • Accounting and CPA offices
  • Medical and dental practices
  • Engineering companies
  • And more

Read more about how we create security plans for various business sizes below.

Managed Network Security Services For Small-Sized Businesses

As a small business owner, you may not assume that your business faces many cyber security threats. The truth is that small businesses are more at risk than large corporations. Online hackers assume that small businesses do not have robust managed network security solutions like large businesses. Thinking that they are easier to hack, cyber attackers go after small businesses more often than large ones. 

At Elevated Technologies, we offer cost-effective security management services so that small businesses can implement top-tier cyber attack prevention methods. Small businesses deserve the same resources that larger corporations can afford. It’s our mission to provide them with the best managed network security services that don’t break the bank. 

Managed Network Security Services For Medium-Sized Businesses

Medium-sized businesses experience growth that their current security solutions cannot keep up with, which leaves them more at risk for cyber attacks. At Elevated Technologies, our IT support team puts security methods in place that fosters smooth business growth. Our cutting-edge cloud computing services allow businesses to scale in size and keep their operations safe from unwanted intruders.

Managed Security Services For Large-Sized Businesses

At Elevated Technologies, we are experts at helping large businesses expand into new international markets. As your business expands, so does your security operation. We keep you safe with the best managed network security services so that security threats don’t stop you from propelling your company to new levels. Our custom-crafted security plans keep up with even the most rapid growth rates. Your business won’t miss a beat as you move into new markets.

What Makes Us Different?

Unlike other managed network security providers, we don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to cyber security at Elevated Technologies. We treat every client as a personal relationship and create custom security solutions that meet your business’s needs. To foster that relationship, we offer the best services for a great price. Our approach is multi-faceted. From cyber threat detection to employee training, we protect your business from all possible angles. 

Our security solutions are scalable, which is why we partner with small and large-sized businesses. Whether your company is decades old or brand new, we can create a managed network security solution that brings you into the modern age.

At Elevated Technologies, we pride ourselves on our cost-effective services. We take a no-frills approach when we create custom security solutions. That means that you pay for the services your business needs to stay protected and nothing more. We don’t attempt to add on services you don’t need to increase our bottom line. We prioritize your business and our long-term working relationship.

Why Choose Elevated Tech For Managed Network Security Services?

When you work with us, you don’t jump through hoops to get the help you need. We connect you with our managed security experts in real-time. Our 30 minute or less response guarantees that you get the support you need every time you call in. We give all of our clients the same consideration and respect, no matter the size of your operation. 

Elevated Technologies can help when you are ready to protect your small business from network data security threats. We proudly provide computer network security solutions personalized to each business's unique needs and circumstances. Contact us today to see how our team can safeguard your company. We provide services all of Greater Houston including Sugar Land, Woodlands IT Services, IT Services Katy, Richmond, and Cypress. Contact us to know more about our IT service solution!

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