To do business online, digital credentials, like usernames and passwords, are necessary to connect businesses with their customers and employees. Identity thieves know the value of this confidential data. Once they steal this information from your system, they sell it on the Dark Web, which is why identity theft protection is important. 

The Dark Web is the part of the World Wide Web that is only accessible by utilizing special software. This allows users and website operators to remain anonymous or untraceable. Some examples of information sold on the Dark Web are:

  • Customer and employee personal, identifiable information including email addresses, phone numbers, and addresses
  • Credit card numbers
  • Corporate secrets
  • Login IDs, passwords, and access codes.

With the prominent usage of e-commerce and our growing digital world, business identity theft is a dilemma increasing amongst company owners. Elevated Technologies strives to provide an all-inclusive identity theft protection approach to protect corporate data. Protecting your data protects your business’s finances and reputation.

What are the risks of identity theft? Some may see it simply as an inconvenience, but the repercussions are far worse. Identity theft is often detrimental to your organization, reputation, and finances. Customers will no longer feel safe purchasing from your company. It is crucial to invest in high-quality identity theft protection plans.

One of the most notorious method users on the Dark Web is impersonating your business through email communications and look-alike websites. Once criminals buy stolen information from your business, they can obtain access to your customers’ and employees’ accounts with other businesses and social networks. 

Identity Theft Protection Services

Many people ask, “What is the best identity theft protection company?” This is where Elevated Technologies steps in. We detect thousands of compromised emails daily for businesses. We continuously monitor the Dark Web to see if anyone has your company’s information for sale. Here are the identity theft protection approaches we use to ensure your data won’t be sold on the Dark Web.

We scan:

  • Hidden chat rooms
  • Private Web sites
  • Peer-to-peer networks
  • IRC (internet relay chat) channels
  • Social media platforms
  • Black market sites
  • Over 640,000 botnets.

We know where criminals set up shop. With this knowledge, we utilize our trained experts and the industry’s most powerful tool to root those thieves out. Contact us to build your frontline defense.

Our Data Theft Prevention Tool - Dark Web ID

Scanning all the nooks and crannies of the Dark Web is a huge task. It takes a powerful tool to get the job done.

Elevated Technologies uses the cybersecurity industry’s first commercial solution. This tool detects if your business credentials are being sold on the Dark Web, in real-time. Dark Web ID by ID Agent vigilantly searches the most secretive corners of the internet. We do this to find compromised credentials associated with your company, contractors, and other personnel. The tool notifies you immediately when these critical assets are compromised. Having this knowledge before your information is used for identity theft, data breaches, or other crimes sets you ahead of the hackers.

The Three P’s to Business Identity Theft Protection

Having a powerful tool for patrolling the Dark Web is just the first part of keeping your credentials out of the hands of cyber-criminals. We have an established strategy for protecting your business data.

We Prepare

The more information we collect from you, the more valuable it becomes. Extensive logging and reporting capabilities allow us to track and triage incidents. From there, we create effective policies and procedures to minimize risk in the future.

 We Predict

It’s not enough to simply be ready. You need to get ahead of criminal activity. The Dark Web ID platform allows us to see industry patterns long before they become trends. It offers the intelligence to keep you, your employees, and consultants more protected.

We Prevent

Attacks on networks may be inevitable, but they don’t have to be destructive. Proactive monitoring of stolen and compromised data allows us to be alerted when a threat is detected. We prioritize immediate response.

How Elevated Technologies and Dark Web ID Protect Company Data

We deliver the same advanced credential monitoring capabilities used by Fortune 500 companies to companies of every size.

Our team connects to multiple Dark Web services including Tor, I2P, and Freenet. We do this to search for compromised credentials the safe way and enable results without requiring you to connect any of your software to high-risk services directly.

We are inexhaustibly proactive in both practice and toolset. We use a solution that provides real-time awareness of compromised credentials before the effects of identity theft or data breaches occur.

How do companies protect their data?

You may be surprised at how visible your information is to hackers. When you educate yourself on how to keep data secure in your organization, you limit the power of business ID theft schemes. Find security and premium identity theft business solutions through Elevated Technologies. 

Partner with us to have immediate policing on the Dark Web. We provide reports to support any findings. We strive to limit damage to your company and reputation through data theft prevention. Contact us today.

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