Things Every Business Should Check After a Disaster

Disasters happen—storms rage, lightning strikes, and, as all Houstonians now know, hurricanes devastate. But if there’s one thing we also know is that cities recover. So, in the days and weeks following Hurricane Harvey as you return to work, you may find yourself walking back into your office wondering what you’ll come back to, unsure of where to even begin.

Elevated Tech makes it simple for you. Here are the things every business should check after a natural disaster like Hurricane Harvey.

One of the most common dangers of a hurricane is flooding, and it’s the first thing you should check for when you walk into your office. If the carpet is wet, or smells as if it once was, you’ll want to see if any devices that had contact with the ground or were left on the ground are also wet. (Tip: if you know a storm is coming, always put devices and cords up high to avoid water damage).

Once you have checked the floor, wiring, and devices that could have been affected by flooding, you want to move on to checking the second most common problem with any storm: power outages.  You’ll want to check and see if the servers or computers were forced to go down temporarily. Can all of them power on again? Sometimes improper or forced shutdowns can cause computers to fail at rebooting properly, and this can also lead to data loss due to corruption.

Finally, you should test all your systems to ensure that they are working as expected. You should check: wireless connection, printing, server access, etc. Any systems that aren’t working should be fixed immediately to ensure the productivity of your office and business.

So now you have all of this information—what do you do with it? Many businesses turn to MSPs like Elevated Tech after a disaster in order to get assistance at a fast and reasonable price.  You may be unsure of how much information to cover when introducing your problems to new support.

It’s best to answer these three questions: “What is happening, what isn’t happening, and what steps were taken to figure it out?”

If your business needs help after Hurricane Harvey, contact Elevated Tech with this information to ensure a fast and reliable network diagnosis that will get your business on the road to recovery. Harvey may have caused some damage, but it’s nothing that Elevated Technologies cannot handle.

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