Top 3 Reasons for Going Cloud in 2013

If you keep up with technology trends, spend time on the internet or simply watch TV that’s littered with ads about it, you’ve heard of the Cloud. And if you’re like the majority of the population, most likely you’ve found yourself thinking, “Okay…it seems cool, but what are the real benefits?”  A lot of professionals have found the following reasons to be the best answers to that question after implementing at least some variation of the Cloud (private infrastructure, email hosting, offsite backups, etc.) into their network infrastructure.

1. Security. Business owners and professionals alike enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having their critical data offsite in multiple secure data centers for two reasons; a) Business continuity is simple, efficient and solidified, and b) Data is physically backed up at another location in case of fire, theft or other natural disaster at the office; protecting them from crippling data loss.

2. Accessibility. Forget to make a copy of that spreadsheet before leaving the office on a business trip? No problem, in the Cloud just power up your tablet, laptop or smart phone, securely log into your hosted desktop from anywhere with a wireless connection and work from your office computer as if you’re sitting at your desk, you’re golden.

3. Scalability. Never again deal with the headache and time expense of purchasing new computers, installing software and creating new accounts. In the cloud, new users are setup in a fraction of the time as the hardware and software is already configured and waiting. All that needs to be done is creating the user account.

So there they are, the top 3 reasons why companies have found that the Cloud is the innovative new way to do business in 2013 and beyond.  Now you can go ahead and school people on how the Cloud is changing the landscape of the professional environment and why companies have made the move to a more “elevated” solution.

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