Windows 10 Is Having More Issues

Everyone who has ever used Microsoft knows that the company is compelling users to upgrade to Windows 10. Many people have already upgraded and are now experiencing problems with their computer, whether it is slow performance or computer crashes. Anyone who uses Windows has seen the pop-up encouraging you to upgrade to Windows 10. You might want to be careful the next time you click the “X” to close that pop-up box. On some of the pop-up boxes, a scheduled download date is shown. Turns out clicking the “X” does not cancel it.  Normally, if you would click the “X” you’d be canceling the update offer. But instead, Microsoft set it so that clicking the “X” actually confirms the date shown in the pop-up window. This is definitely a sneaky move. So much so, that Microsoft was sued by a travel agent in Seattle. Turns out this sneaky upgrade caused her computer to crash and resulted in loss of work. Microsoft lost the lawsuit and had to pay her $10,000. So the next time you see that upgrade box, be very careful about how you proceed.

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