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The Company Needs

Triple J Coil Products is a Houston business that supplies tools for coil tubing and string applications. These products are then used in the oil and gas industry. When they first contacted us, they were without a designated Houston IT network support company. They were using one of their employees to complete all their IT network issues including IT network security. Which often decreased overall productivity. Sure enough, as they continued to expand, this caused an issue in the productivity of their business. They needed a computer network support specialist that could manage their ever-growing business. As well as the hard-core manufacturing software they would use to manage their demanding business.

IT Strategy: Network Engineers

Our network support technicians observed the current state of this business. The rising demands of the technical support needed were apparent. Our observation and assessment lead us to create a specified solution. This solution would enhance their network speed user experience and increase network security. The IT network support solution would need to have data security features, virtualization, and responsive support to react to the business and its increasing output.

IT Solutions: Network Support Specialists

Triple J Coil Products allowed us to upgrade their firewall which increased overall network security. We also added our endpoint protection to eliminate virus and malware threats. These are silent killers to a business's productivity and can cause a business to lose money over the downtime they cause. In addition to the firewall, we implemented a robust data protection solution with accompanying disaster recovery solution. This allows Triple J Coil Products to grow without the worry of scalability and protection of their critical data.

IT Result: Latest Development

Today, Triple J Coil enjoys increased employee productivity, optimized data security, and IT network security. that suits the evolving software and programs they use as a business. For a Houston business whose focus is to provide products that exhibit the highest quality standards possible, they do not settle for working with anything less. Hence they have chosen Elevated Technologies as their designated Houston IT Network Support Company.

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