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Managed IT Support for Mid-Sized Businesses


Veristic Technologies is a Houston-based network consulting firm specializing in IT solutions for medium-sized businesses. They prioritize fresh and secure technology for their daily projects, particularly crucial for their innovative engineering solutions in the oil and gas drilling sector. Recognizing the need for a technological boost, they partnered with us for an IT upgrade, ensuring continued excellence in their dynamic industry.

How we tackled IT.

Strengthening Cybersecurity and Support Systems

To upgrade Veristic Technologies’ IT infrastructure, we implemented a multifaceted solution:

  • Hardware and Network Upgrades: Replaced outdated hardware with new Dell servers and updated network equipment.
  • Data Center Transition: Transitioned their internet connection to Flexential MDC with advanced fiber-optic lines and bandwidth.
  • Cybersecurity Enhancement: Designed a new cybersecurity program and support system, including dark web monitoring and new firewalls.
  • Server Virtualization: Upgraded and virtualized servers, ensuring enhanced efficiency and security measures.

These steps keep Veristic Technologies’ operations secure and cutting-edge, reinforcing their status as leaders in engineering and network security.

End Result: Enhanced IT Efficiency

Veristic Technologies is now hitting new heights in engineering, thanks to super-fast IT support and our managed IT services. They’ve waved goodbye to outdated hardware headaches and inconsistent internet speed.

Winning with Managed IT Solutions

This case study illustrates how managed IT services have been pivotal in supporting the technological needs of businesses:


    Upgraded IT Infrastructure

    Modernizing outdated systems for improved performance and reliability.


    Enhanced Network Security

    Implementing robust cybersecurity measures to protect against evolving threats.


    24/7 Technical Support

    Providing continuous support to ensure seamless business operations and quick issue resolution.

    Need IT Support?

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