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Disaster Recovery Plan and Secure Email Hosting


Credit Union Alliance Corp (CUAC) in Houston, faced challenges with outdated email systems and lacked a disaster recovery plan – big issues for a 25-year-old company. Seeking a technology overhaul, they turned to Elevated Technologies. By partnering with us, CUAC addressed immediate issues and laid the groundwork for future technology advancements and security.

How we tackled IT.

Setting Up Disaster-Proof Data Backup and Email Security

To enhance CUAC’s data security and email, we implemented a 3-step solution:

  • Data Recovery Plan: Deployed off-site backups for CUAC’s servers, ensuring data safety and accessibility in case of office disasters.
  • Email System Upgrade: Transitioned CUAC to a secure Microsoft Exchange cloud server, enhancing email security.
  • Account Migration: Seamlessly migrated about 100 email accounts, improving both security and workflow efficiency.

These measures ensure CUAC’s data remains secure and accessible, maintaining their status as a technology and security leader.

    End Result: Data Protection Guaranteed

    CUAC is now enjoying the best of both worlds with their data storage and email all secured. With reliable and fast communication, they now have the flexibility to work in the office or on the move. 

    Perks of Being Disaster-Ready

    Our disaster recovery plans play a key role in boosting business operations and keeping data safe:


    Data Protection

    Regular backups and structured recovery processes protect valuable data, ensuring it’s integrity and preventing loss .


    Cost Savings

    Disaster recovery plans cut down on long outages and data loss, protecting against financial and reputation damage.


    Risk Mitigation

    Proactively identifies and addresses risks and vulnerabilities, aiming to minimize potential threats to operations.

    Data Protection Needed?

    We help set up a disaster recovery plan that fits your business perfectly. No matter what happens, our data security services keep your data safe at all times.