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IT Network Support for Increased Productivity


Triple J Coil Tubing Products in Houston, known for top-notch coil tubing and string tools in the oil and gas industry, hit a snag during their expansion due to insufficient IT network support, relying solely on one in-house IT staff. This impacted their productivity, especially with complex manufacturing software. To address this, they partnered with Elevated Technologies, to enhance IT support for continued growth.


How we tackled IT.

Advanced Network Engineering and Specialist Support

To boost Triple J Coil Tubing Products’ network and data security, we implemented IT strategies:

  • Network Upgrade and Optimization: Conducted a detailed analysis to meet growing technical support needs, creating a suited solution to enhance network performance, user experience, and security.
  • Enhanced Security Measures: Upgraded firewall and added advanced endpoint protection to increase security and reduce downtime costs.
  • Data Protection and Recovery: Established a solid data protection framework alongside a disaster recovery plan to secure and scale without worrying about operation issues.

Together, these strategies formed our holistic approach to support Triple J’s growth and maintain secure, efficient operations.

End Result: Boosted Efficiency and Security

Triple J Coil now enjoys higher productivity and strengthened IT security, aligning with their business’s evolving software demands. As a commitment to quality, they partnered with us for IT Network Support in Houston.

What Network Support Gets You

Our network security strategy boosts business growth and ensures steady operations. Here’s the takeaway from this case study:


Optimized Network Security

Implementation of advanced firewall and endpoint protection for robust defense against threats.


Comprehensive Data Protection

Robust data protection solutions with disaster recovery for secure, scalable growth.


Increased Productivity

Enhanced employee efficiency and operational effectiveness through improved IT infrastructure.

Need Stronger Security?

If data protection and network security are on your radar, Elevated Technologies is your ideal partner. It’s our job to safeguard your business’s critical data.