When a hacker breaks into your business’s system, their goal is to steal company data and customer sensitive information. When you partner with Elevated Technologies, we utilize our cyber attack prevention plan. This will safeguard your business from any destructive attacks. Our Security Operations Center (SOC) defends your network and devices against malicious threats and abnormal user behavior with our cyber attack prevention methods.

What is a Cyber Attack Prevention Plan?

We use a number of cyber security prevention measures to keep your business safe. Cyber security is about more than strong passwords and firewalls. You need expert intervention to create a robust cybersecurity solution that is impenetrable.

How to Prevent Cyber Attacks on Businesses:

  • Gain knowledge of how to detect cyber threats
  • Trust experts who know what to do and how to act fast when suspicious activity occurs
  • Ensure continuous monitoring of your network
  • Keep up-to-date with new threats as they emerge

Learn more about potential cyber threats your business could face below.

Our Cyber Attack Prevention Plan Includes:

  • Full log management: long term storage, archival, and retrieval
  • Raw log storage, archival, and retrieval
  • Event log correlation and threat intelligence
  • Log and alert analysis
  • 7-year log retention policy
  • Infosec incident report
  • Executive summary and compliance report
  • 100% US-based
  • SOC 2 certified

Our cyber attack prevention plan ensures that your business information stays safe. Our plan also ensures that your business complies with government regulations.

Some Common Types of Cyber Threats You Should Know About

As the world becomes more and more digital, new cyber threats emerge every day. It’s hard for businesses to stay on top of all of the potential cyber threats they could face. This is why it’s crucial to implement a cyber attack prevention plan created by security experts.

Malware Threats

Attackers use malware to plant data breach software onto your business devices. When they activate the software, they gain access to sensitive data like bank account information. They can steal personal information, block access to your own network, and crash your server.

There are several types of malware attacks, including:

  • Ransomware
  • Viruses
  • Spyware
  • Trojans
  • Worms

Malware is most often installed through phishing scams. At Elevated Technologies, we offer employee cyber security awareness training.  This is to minimize malware threats.

Phishing Threats

Phishing is when malicious actors convince a victim to click on a fraudulent link that downloads malware onto their device. While some scam emails are obvious, phishing emails can look like reputable emails. Without a cyber attack prevention plan, it’s easy for someone to get tricked by a phishing text or email. 

The best way to prevent phishing threats is with employee phishing testing and training.

Internet of Things Threats

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to all of the internet-connected devices you have in your network, including your mobile phone. Through smart technology, everything from refrigerators to lightbulbs can connect to the internet. Each connection opens a new gateway to hackers.

With a cyber attack prevention plan, your business can still utilize smart technology and stay protected. 

Password Hack Threats

Today’s internet hackers have creative and alarming ways to hack passwords to gain access to your network. Staying up-to-date on the best password practices to avoid hacks is crucial in today’s digital age.


Rootkits are viruses that get installed on your device through software. When you download software from an insecure website or email, a rootkit can hide out in it until a hacker decides to activate it. Once activated, they can use the rootkit to steal data, such as credit card information, and take control of your server.

The five cyber threats listed above are only a small number of the threats out there today. As technology evolves, cyber attacks evolve, too. It’s important to stay diligent and protect your business with professional cyber attacks prevention and proactive responses.  

Our Cyber Attack Prevention Plan: Safeguard Your Business From Attacks

Data breach prevention rather than recovery can make or break your company. The costs of recovering from a hacking event can be high. Often, businesses shut down in response to major cyber attacks. Customers and vendors can also sue your business in response to data breach attacks. You can receive negligence charges resulting in fines and other legal costs.

How can companies prevent data breaches? The first step is to choose from the best types of cybersecurity solutions offered. Our cyber security monitoring services can save your business millions of dollars. Read about the individual services in our cyber attack prevention plan below.

Affordable Cyber Attack and Data Breach Prevention

  • Around the clock server monitoring
  • Data backup and protection
  • Cyber security awareness training
  • VPN installation
  • Phishing testing and training
  • Dark web and black market scanning
  • Email protection
  • Password protection
  • Multi-factor authentication implementation

Cyber Attack Detection and Post-Attack Plan

Preventing cyber security attacks is our main goal. If suspicious activity does occur, we have a robust plan to minimize damage and recover your assets. Here’s how we identify and address hacking events:

  • Port scans, host scans, denied scans, sudden change of traffic between certain IPs, or other anomalies in traffic
  • Network server/device and admin login anomalies – authentication failures at all times and unusual IPs
  • Network access irregularities from VPN, wireless logons, and domain controllers
  • Account lockouts, password scans, and unusual login failures
  • Rogue endpoints, and wireless access points
  • Botnets, mail viruses, worms, DDOS, and other “zero-day” malware identified by cross-correlating DNS, DHCP, web proxy logs, and flow traffic
  • Abnormalities in the web server and database access

Why Cyber Attack Prevention Plan Is Important?

Cyber threat prevention is mandatory to comply with today’s government regulations. Governments make businesses responsible for protecting data and for preventing cyber intrusion events. This is possible through laws like GDPR, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and FISMA

Every day, more of the world’s commerce is moving online. In turn, this enables the passing of additional laws that protect personal identifiable information (PII), payment information, and other business transactional data. It will require your company to not only protect your data but also to prevent your computer systems from being the source of hacking others.

Cyber attacks have shut down small, medium, and large-sized businesses. Your reputation and customer trust rely on a strong cyber attack prevention plan. When data breaches occur, your customers can sue you for damages. Safeguarding your business also protects you from loss of revenue and trade secrets. 

Why Choose Us For Cyber Attack Prevention Plan?

Implementing cyber security prevention can be a daunting task for small to medium businesses. With Elevated Technologies as your partner, these tasks become manageable. Our team of experts will implement digital security monitoring. This will protect your network and all devices connected.

Every hour you wait to implement a cyber threat prevention strategy, you are inviting hackers to access your data. Trust is the biggest part of your company’s branding. Customers do not trust previously hacked companies. Stop diverting your resources to solve the dilemma of how to protect your company from cyber attacks! We are here to allow you time to focus on your core business. When trouble arises, we respond within 30 minutes to keep your business secure.

Protect your company’s data and reputation by acting now. We serve all of Greater Houston including Sugar Land, The Woodlands, Katy, Richmond, and Cypress. Contact us today to provide your business data with the cyber attack protection it needs.

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