Cyber Security Awareness Training For Employees

Every day more businesses rely on the internet to store, process, and distribute data. Cyber security awareness training for employees is now becoming a crucial component of the health of businesses. According to CSO Online, a top cyber security publication, Cybersecurity Ventures predicts that the cyber security staff awareness training market will grow to $10 billion by 2027. This steady increase from $1 billion in 2014 provides great insight into the importance of educating employees on cyber security. This is no surprise considering the measures businesses are taking to protect themselves from hackers, phishing emails, and various threats over the internet.

Cyber security awareness serves as your business's primary defense. By providing your employees with the right knowledge on identifying different types of cyber threats, you can both detect and prevent catastrophic damages. At Elevated Technologies, cyber security experts safeguard your organization by educating your employees on the best practices of internet security. Using leading security awareness training materials, Elevated Technologies provides the best cyber security training for employees that empowers them to stay safe online.

Importance of Cyber Security Awareness Training For Employees

Why bother with online cyber security awareness training for employees? While your employees may be aware of some common sense online safety practices, the number of digital threats continues to grow. Hackers and phishing emails are getting more and more believable, fooling even the most alert online users. Elevated Technologies offers cyber security staff awareness training to keep your team up to date on the most dangerous and covert online threats today. 

Your team members are the frontline defenders of your entire company’s cyber security plan. When they receive education on online safety, you reduce the change of company data breaches in a major way. If a breach were to happen, sensitive company information and trade secrets could end up exposed. Not to mention, your employees would feel less safe and your customers would lose trust in you. Avoid a disastrous situation by partnering with Elevated Technologies to provide the best cyber security training for employees.

How Elevated Technologies’ Cyber Security Awareness Training Work

Elevated Technologies provides remote and in-person cyber security awareness training. In-person training takes place for small businesses in the Greater Houston Area, including Sugar Land, Pearland, Richmond, and more.

After IT experts identify your cyber security weak spots, the customized training meets your business’s distinct needs. Elevated Technologies works with businesses in a variety of industries, including:

  • Oil and gas
  • Accounting and CPA offices
  • Medical and dental practices
  • Engineering companies
  • And more

Read more about the main cyber security staff awareness training topics below.

Cyber Security Awareness Training 2022: What’s Covered

The Elevated Technologies cyber security awareness training for employees covers online safety from multiple perspectives. After accessing your company’s needs, the training adjusts to fit your business. Each cyber security training covers the following topics in detail.

Password Policies:

Elevated Technologies cyber security experts will equip your employees with the best practices against easy hacking by giving them the tools to secure company data. They also receive extensive training solutions covering 2FA and how to get the most out of it. By the end of the cyber security staff awareness training, your employees will feel equipped with handy, helpful tips to improve password security. When it comes to online safety, digital knowledge is digital power, which is why your employees need this training.

Web Protection:

Elevated Technologies shows you how to identify harmful, data-sucking viruses and what security risks your employees will need to avoid. Well-trained, internet-aware employees know how to spot danger from miles away.  Elevated Technologies also offers Dark Web Monitoring Service to create a safer cyber experience for your employees.

Email Protection:

Your business is most susceptible to receiving internet breaches through emails because your employees use their email platform multiple times a day. Employee emails are the most crucial online feature to protect. Email protection plays a vital role in cyber security awareness training for employees. By training employees on email security, you give them the tools they need to identify and avoid harmful links and messages. 

Elevated Technologies had the opportunity to partner with Civil Tech Engineering, Inc to implement an email protection plan. The expert team installed a diligent spam filtering solution and encrypted email functionality. You can also inquire about employee phishing training to add more email safety.

cyber security awareness training for employees

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Secure Your Employees and Business’s Valuable Data and Identity With Cyber Awareness

You know about individual identity theft, but do you know the dangers of business identity theft? Stealing valuable business data is a top priority among internet hackers. Check out Elevated Technologies’ cyber attack prevention services to go the extra mile with your company’s online security. These services will educate you and your team on how to detect cyber threats and act fast to keep your business secure.

Elevated Technologies also uses the top Dark Web monitoring tools to make sure that your business data doesn’t end up somewhere unsavory. A strong combination of security tools and employee training is necessary to keep your business safe from online intruders in 2022. Don’t rely on passwords alone. Your entire team needs to understand the importance of cyber security to keep themselves and your business safe from identity theft. Let Elevated Technologies enhance your security strategies with world-class employee training and cutting-edge threat detection tools.

Protect Your Company from Cyber Security Threats

Cyber security threats come from a wide variety of places in the modern digital age. Whether it’s a phishing email or a suspicious link, hackers are finding new ways to crack into your data. Give your employees the tools they need to protect themselves and your business. Build up a line of defense against hackers, viruses, and spammers of all sorts with Elevated Technologies cyber security staff awareness training

Contact Elevated Technologies today for a FREE Cyber Security briefing. This includes a Vulnerability Scan of your IT network, a Dark Web scan for compromised business passwords, and a one-time Phishing email test for employees. The Elevated Technologies team provides you with our findings through a results report and review, which will guide you to take the correct action. Secure your business by contacting Elevated Technologies with a call or requesting a free quote. Elevated Technologies offers the best phishing training for employees in all of the Greater Houston Area, including Sugar Land, The Woodlands, Katy, Richmond, and  Cypress.

Why Choose Elevated Technologies For Creating Cyber Security Awareness Among Your Employees?

Elevated Technologies cyber security awareness training for employees provides your staff with tips and tricks to bring your business’s cyber security to the next level. You can implement these tricks at the office and at home to protect your employees and your family.

Cyber danger is prevalent wherever there is an internet connection, including home computers. Elevated Technologies team of experts inform your employees on how to take precautionary measures to ensure safety while using the internet no matter where they are.

Elevated Technologies serves remote businesses and small businesses in the Greater Houston Area. When you need help, an IT expert is a phone call or a visit away. Any time you have a security concern, the Elevated Technologies team responds in 30 minutes or less to make sure your business is secure. The IT team works around the clock to resolve any security breaches.  As a veteran-owned business, Elevated Technologies also provides free IT support to other veteran-owned Houston businesses and non-profit organizations. 

Eliminate downtime and increase your business's productivity with reliable IT support from Houston professionals with experience in every aspect of information technology.

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Eliminate downtime and increase your business's productivity with reliable IT Support from Houston professionals with experience in every aspect of IT technology.

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