Why Your Business Needs Employee Phishing Training and Testing Services

One of the biggest cyber security threats today is phishing, a technique that hackers use to gain valuable information. The hacker uses impersonation to appear legitimate and trustworthy. After gaining someone’s trust, they ask for sensitive information, like login credentials or credit card numbers. They may also convince their target to click on a link that leads to a ransomware attack. That’s why implementing employee phishing training and testing services is important.
Hackers often use phishing to target employees at businesses they want to steal information from. Without training, it is difficult to tell the difference between a legitimate email and a fraudulent phishing email. The unfortunate truth is that over 90 percent of cyber attacks start with phishing emails. Phishing testing and training removes your business as an easy target for internet attackers.
Phishing messages often seem believable, so it’s easy for someone to get duped and give away valuable information before they realize it was a scam. Phishing takes place on a one-to-one level through:
  • incoming emails
  • messaging services
  • private online communication
Human error is one of the leading causes of data breaches. You must approach the problem with a two-prong solution: testing and training. Elevated Technologies provides both of these services to equip your business with the best phishing training for employees. Get a free quote for phishing awareness training for employees today

Elevated Technologies Employee Phishing Testing

To learn of the risks in your organization, you must first test your employees. Phishing testing for employees evaluates the level of cyber-awareness they have in detecting phishing emails. It is also important to discuss whether or not they know what to do when they encounter a suspicious email. In addition, you must conduct a Vulnerability Scan of your IT network. It is also important to find out if your login IDs and passwords are already compromised.

Trained experts at Elevated Technologies conduct phishing testing simulations that provide you with the information you need to manage phishing email events. By sending a fake phishing email to your employees, you will see who on your team is susceptible to scams and needs more cyber security education.

What if some of your employees feel anxious about using a phishing testing service? The experts at Elevated Technologies put them at ease by maintaining a development-focused professional demeanor. By the end of the testing process, your employees feel equipped with the tools they need to be efficient cyber danger-slaying employees. The employees who are the most vulnerable are always grateful for the education because it helps them feel safer and more alert online.

Phishing Training For Employees

After testing your staff with copycat phishing emails, we move into the training stage. Elevated Technologies provides company-wide in-depth employee phishing training. We help you establish suspicious email policies and procedures within your company.
The training empowers your team members to act fast when they receive a fraudulent email. Awareness of internet dangers is good, but knowing how to respond to such dangers gives your business a huge advantage in data security. Elevated Technologies phishing attack training prepares your company to the full extent needed.
A robust cyber security awareness training program is essential to the security of a company’s internal network. Allow our experts to train your employees to recognize threats and become your human firewall.
Along with a phishing training program, Elevated Technologies can also help you launch a phishing campaign for employees. The campaign includes a regular phishing email warning for employees. this reminds them of the best practices to avoid a cybersecurity breach. 
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Why is Phishing Email Training For Employees Important?

Sometimes it’s easy to spot a scam email and send it straight to your junk inbox. However, phishing emails are getting more and more realistic and believable. Clever phishing emails often squeeze past spam filters and land in people’s inboxes. Without the proper training and knowledge of phishing scams, it’s easy for individuals to get duped
If an employee at your business falls for a phishing email, it could lead to a ransomware attack. This steals information from their computer and databases. Sensitive information (about your business, employees, and customers) could end up on the Dark Web, which leads to identity theft.
An internal security breach can compromise your business, safety, customer loyalty, and reputation. The best way to avoid a nightmare situation is to implement phishing education for employees. Elevated Technologies provides the best phishing training for employees in small businesses in the Greater Houston Area

Elevated Technologies Phishing Training and Testing Process

The Elevated Technologies IT experts can craft a customized phishing testing and training program for your business using the process below: 

  • Test your employees through phishing email simulations
  • Inform you of phishing testing results and identify weak spots in employee knowledge
  • Conduct in-depth phishing awareness training for employees
  • Set up a phishing awareness campaign for employees
  • Create policies and procedures for your employees to follow when they encounter a suspicious message
  • Set up regular phishing awareness emails to employees

When you work with Elevated Technologies, you will learn all of the gaps in your company’s cyber security. From there, you can implement your custom-made cyber security plan to keep your business, employees, and customers safe. 

Avoid Phishing Scams and Start Protecting Your Company Now

Ready to get started with the best phishing training for employees? Don’t wait to protect your business from dangerous cyber attacks. When you are proactive about your company’s cyber security, you avoid identity theft, reputation damage, and loss of revenue. Get a free quote for Elevated Technologies phishing testing service and protect your company today.  

Why Choose Elevated Technologies For Phishing Testing For Employees?

Elevated Technologies serves remote businesses and small businesses in the Greater Houston Area. When you need help, an IT expert is a phone call or a visit away. Any time you have a security concern, the Elevated Technologies team responds in 30 minutes or less to make sure your business is secure. The IT team works around the clock to resolve any security breaches. 
Our phishing testing service uses practices to make cyber security accessible for all businesses. It’s a thorough and high-quality service that is affordable and easy to implement. As a veteran-owned business, Elevated Technologies prioritizes giving back. We provide free IT support to other veteran-owned Houston businesses and non-profit organizations. Along with employee phishing training, Elevated Technologies offers identity theft protection for businesses and other types of cyber security awareness training The world-class IT team at Elevated Technologies keeps your business secure from all angles.
Contact Elevated Technologies today for a FREE Cyber Security briefing. This includes:
  • Vulnerability Scan of your IT network
  • Dark Web scan for compromised business passwords
  • One-time phishing email test for employees.
The Elevated Technologies team provides you with our findings through a results report and review. This will guide you to take the correct action for your company. Secure your business by contacting Elevated Technologies with a call or requesting a free quote. We offer the best phishing training for employees in all of the Greater Houston Area, including:

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