4 Reasons Why Companies Today Should Use a Managed IT Service

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4 Reasons Why Companies Today Should Use a Managed IT Service

As we grow more reliant on modern technologies and systems, IT failures significantly alter our ability to work and run business. Businesses of all sizes place an urgency on operational efficiency, but not all companies are equally equipped to sustain this efficiency. Small-medium-sized businesses may have limited IT resources, making them likely to fall behind in updates and network management and essentially putting the company’s system in jeopardy.

Managed services have been on the rise in the business world. This year alone, managed IT service providers are expected to bring in $649 billion and are projected to reach $731 billion in 2020. You might be asking yourself “Why is this specific business model so successful?” or “Why should I make the switch to a managed service provider?” Here are a couple of reasons why:

1.) Efficiency and Reliability

One of the main reasons that small and medium-sized businesses choose managed IT services is that it provides more efficient and reliable IT operations. Most companies partner with managed service providers because of overburdened IT staff or the lack of employees who are knowledgeable and skilled enough to handle certain tasks and effectively handle the whole network on their own.

When looking at these potential situations, it is hard to deny the importance of working with a managed IT service provider. A majority of companies using managed services describe their business with their IT provider as a joint arrangement with their internal IT department, leading one to believe that different aspects of IT management fall into the MSP realm while others are handled in-house. The goal for these business owners is to enhance and improve the performance of the internal IT department, not replace them. An outside IT service not only adds an extra team of IT specialists to help with any concerns or issues but also ensures the benefit of having the most up-to-date technology and innovative solutions that will assist in maximizing productivity and profitability. Some of these technologies include:

  • Cloud computing
  • Data protection/recovery
  • Network security/cyber security

Investing in these tools ensures the entire IT infrastructure becomes more dependable and efficient, and that the internal IT department is able to keep control of the situation.

2.) Enhanced Security

Did you know that 62% of cyber victims are small-medium size businesses? 60% of those victims will go out of business within six months of an attack.

Because more Houston businesses are starting to rely on storing, processing, and distributing data via the internet, cyber security is becoming a crucial component to the health of a business. Many business owners are fearful that they will become victims of a security breach.

As a managed IT service provider, it is not only their job to educate the company on the matter but help manage network security. A good IT provider will provide outsourced monitoring and management of a business’s security devices and systems, and custom-build their security service to meet the business’s needs. Some managed network security services include:

  • Managed firewall
  • Managed secure Wi-Fi
  • Managed remote connectivity
  • Managed Windows patching
  • Managed third-party patching
  • Managed anti-virus protection
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Two-factor authentication
  • User awareness training

3.) Proactive Maintenance and Monitoring

This is one of the most important benefits of having a managed IT service provider. Business owners have little to no time to spend worrying about their IT infrastructure or other IT concerns. A business owner should be focusing on nothing but their business, which is why having a managed IT service provider is so valuable.

These IT security solutions and services are always working to detect potential threats or vulnerabilities. Having fully managed IT support means that any disturbances or issues can most often be troubleshot and repaired before they are a concern to the business owner.

A managed IT service will provide a sophisticated IT infrastructure for a company’s entire network, including:

  • Firewalls
  • Data
  • Phone systems
  • Switches
  • Networked devices
  • PCs
  • Printers
  • Routers
  • Servers

4.) Cost Effectiveness

When you have managed IT service, you’ll be paying the same amount each month regardless of how much support you need. This means you’ll know exactly what to budget and what services you’ll receive, allowing you to be more flexible when financing other aspects of your business.

There is no reason to wait until something goes wrong to elicit IT Support for your business. Catastrophic data breaches and network failures are not worth the costs or the downtime. If a business aims to grow and flourish, keeping its competitive edge, it will need a solution that offers managed IT services to avoid the avoidable.

Unlimited IT support for a fixed monthly fee gives your business the ability to focus on things that truly matter, without neglecting its technology management.

Want to learn more about the advantages of managed services? Call Elevated Technologies at 281-653-7726 to learn more and move forward with the confidence of a fully managed IT service for your Houston business!

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