Are you up to speed on WiFi security?

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Are you up to speed on WiFi security?

How to Create a Secure Business Network 

While wifi provides businesses with freedom, flexibility, and connectivity, it doesn’t come without its risks. Unlike the wired networks of the past, where data traveled through a cable, wifi now sends data out in directionless waves. If your network is not secure, it is possible for any bystander to access it and intercept this data. Some wifi hackers, known as “piggybackers,” might just be looking for a web connection to surf on. But, more malicious hackers can compromise other network devices, steal files, or commit crimes traceable back to you.

It’s in a business’s best interest to ensure wifi security for themselves, their employees, and their customers. For small and mid-sized businesses, who have a 40% chance of surviving more than six months after a cyber attack, it’s especially imperative.

The good news is that you can create a secure business network by taking the right steps when setting up your wifi. To help you get started, we’ve outlined the most essential elements of wifi security. Protect your information and reputation with these rules for routers, encryption, and managed wifi.

 The importance of wifi network security

Business wireless network security saves you from devastating short and long-term consequences. In the least harmful cases, piggybackers take up bandwidth and make your internet sluggish. In the worst cases, hackers steal personal information, steal your business identity, or commit crimes on your network.

These can add up to huge financial and legal blows for a small business. You could be held legally responsible for compromised customer information or illegal activities. Your business could face negligence, lawsuits, and a loss of employee and public trust. It might be impossible to bounce back.

What is Managed Wifi?

Managed wifi enlists the help of experienced professionals to ensure wifi network security. It’s the most comprehensive and reliable step you can take to create a secure business network. Most in-house teams are too busy with other IT issues to carry out the day-to-day monitoring and tracking it takes to keep up with relentless hackers. Managed wifi providers vigilantly watch for network and login anomalies. They stop potential breaches, hackers carrying viruses and malware, unauthorized users, and more.

Elevated Technology offers secured managed IT services to protect businesses from any wifi security attack. We work with you to custom-build a secure business network from the bottom up. You can enjoy the connectivity of wifi knowing that your business, employee, and customer data is safe with expertly managed wifi.

What are the Wifi Security Types?

Wifi routers use different types of encryption to protect your information during transmission. Encryption turns your data into a secure code so that others are unable to steal it. Since the ’90s, encryption protocols have evolved, resulting in three wifi security types: Wired Equivalent Privacy or WEP, Wi-Fi Protected Access or WPA, and an updated version of the latter known as WPA2. However, when it comes to secure business wifi, they are not all equal.


WEP is an outdated encryption protocol that is only found on older wireless routers. It is easily breakable and hackable. Businesses should never rely on routers that use WEP for wifi security.


WPA improved upon WEP, giving users the option to use a wifi security key, which allows all employees to use the same password to connect. Users can also run it in enterprise mode, allowing every employee to connect with their own username and password. Though more advanced than its predecessor, WPA is still an older technology that has proven to be easily breakable and hackable.


WPA2 is currently the most secure encryption protocol. It improved on WPA by using the government-approved Advanced Encryption Standard, or AES. Until the arrival of WPA3, businesses should use routers with WPA2 for maximum wifi security.

Wifi Security Best Practices

How do I secure my company’s WiFi?

In addition to using encryption, there are several steps you can take to secure business wifi. Keep in mind that no one step is comprehensive aside from using managed wifi. You will need a combination to cover all your bases.

  • Set up a strong router password
    • WPA2 protection uses a password by default. You should create a strong password at setup, and change it often to kick off any unwanted piggybackers.
  • Limit which devices can access your network
    • Set your router so that only devices with identified MAC addresses can access the network.
  • Change your wifi’s name
    • If your wifi network is for private use and not for customers, give it a name that only your employees will know.
  • Hide your wifi
    • If for private use, set the name of your network to “hidden” mode so that users must know the name to access it.
  • Set up a guest network for visitors
    • Your customers and contractors likely won’t steal your data, but using a guest network ensures your passwords stay safe.
  • Work with managed wifi providers
    • Leave it to the experts to monitor, manage, and catch potential breaches in your network.

What is the best security for WiFi?

Managed wifi security provides the most protection for your business. Providers, like Elevated Technology, assess your needs and design a custom wifi security system to keep your network safe. Experts monitor your network, spotting anomalies, and watching for patterns to predict breaches. Managed wifi frees up your IT team to focus on more pressing matters in the office, and ensures 360-degree protection from cyber attacks.

Protect Wireless Network Disruption with managed wifi security

Take charge of your wifi security and protect your business, customers, and employees with a secure business network. Elevated Technology is here to help Houston businesses stay safe from hackers and theft with our expertly managed wifi services. Contact us today to learn more about what managed wifi can do for your business wireless network security.

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