Cloud Computing Services, Houston

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Cloud Computing Services, Houston

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard of cloud computing. From Apple and U2 releasing an entire album for free that automatically downloaded to every iTunes and iPhone, to the leaked celebrity photos, the cloud has been front-and-center in the news this year. But unlike those unfortunate celebrities, our clients don’t ever have to worry about compromising the security of their files. That’s because Elevated Technologies offers the premier cloud computing services in the entire Houston area.

Private Cloud Infrastructure:

At Elevated Technologies, our secure and virtualized servers deliver the power and performance of dedicated servers with the flexibility and efficiency that cloud hosting provides. We’ll ensure that you have every resource you need at all times to handle spikes in web application traffic or unwanted penetration of your system. Our Private Cloud Infrastructure allows you to safely harbor all of your important files and data without fear of any intrusion.

Private Cloud hosting and infrastructure also means that delivering a virtual server, desktop computer, or remote storage from the cloud is all extremely quick, easy, and attainable from any location. Elevated Cloud Hosting gives you a remote data center in order to store everything important to you, and allow you to access it anywhere, anytime.

Additional Benefits of Private Cloud Infrastructure:

The private cloud model at Elevated Technologies also lends itself to faster responses in changing business conditions or internal needs, enabled by rapid system provisioning and scalability, without the long-term lock of hardware purchases. In addition, it also increases productivity resulting from access to your applications and data from anywhere, as well as the reliability that comes from a distributed computing model. For more information regarding our cloud computing services, or for any general inquiries regarding our other services, contact Elevated Technologies online and request support online now!

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