Computers: How Much Do You Actually Know?

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Computers: How Much Do You Actually Know?

Computers: we all have ‘em. But do we really know all the basics? Most would say, “Of course I do! How old do you think I am?” However, because technology is just a part of our lives, many of us were never given a proper introduction. This means we may not know certain basic elements of our technology that could help us work more efficiently and effectively.

So, for those of you who may not know (we won’t tell if you don’t), here are the basic things everyone should know about their computer.

Computer 101: The Actual Basics

Get to know your computer, from the literal basics of whether it’s a laptop or desktop, to what operating system, Office products, and software versions it runs. Know your browser capabilities—this may seem silly, but even this could help with understanding why certain products or websites don’t function correctly.

Safety First (Even if this point is second on our list)

What good is a computer if it’s a virus attack waiting to happen? The answer: it’s not. So know how to set up privacy protections on your browser, set up regular virus scans, and keep your security settings updated.

Keep It Clean

Know how to clean up your computer—inside and out. Here are some tips and tricks for keeping your computer squeaky clean.

Get Cool with the Shortcuts

Not knowing how to utilize computer shortcuts is like typing a really long email with only two fingers. Know how to cut and paste (ctrl + c, ctrl + v), open a new tab (ctrl + t) find anything on a page (ctrl +f), and more. Do some research and open your eyes to a world of more efficient computer use.

Back It On Up Now

Ever had your entire life on a computer and then had the computer magically stop working? Me neither, but it sounds horrible. Don’t let it happen to you by always backing up your most important files. Cloud services are a great way to store your data and also access it anytime, anywhere.

Now that you’re an expert on the basics (not that you weren’t already) you can take care of your computer even better, and you can also move on to learning about more complex issues. Your friendly neighborhood IT company—Elevated Technologies—is here to help with all your IT problems, big and small.

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