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Enhanced Cybersecurity and Email Security


CivilTech in Houston, specializing in transportation and hydraulic engineering, faced IT struggles, particularly in cybersecurity. Their in-house team couldn’t keep up with the pace of their growth. Realizing the need for a comprehensive solution to proactively protect their data, they partnered with us, boosting their IT infrastructure with enhanced security and support.

How we tackled IT.

Advanced Protection and Strategic Monitoring

To strengthen CivilTech’s cybersecurity, we employed a comprehensive approach:

  • Enhanced Cybersecurity and Data Protection: Advanced endpoint protection with machine learning and spam filters blocking 99% of unwanted emails, securing CivilTech’s data.
  • Secure Communication Systems: Established secure, encrypted email solutions for the safe transfer of sensitive information, protecting against potential data breaches.
  • Adaptive Cybersecurity Monitoring: Provided professional cybersecurity services and dynamic monitoring systems that evolve with the business’s growth and new threats.
  • Comprehensive Security Strategy: Led by a chief information security officer, providing a multi-layered defense to protect CivilTech’s infrastructure from various digital threats.

Strategic actions have reinforced CivilTech’s IT infrastructure, reducing cyber attack risks and protecting sensitive information.

End Result: Advanced Cyber Defense

Thanks to cybersecurity upgrades, life at CivilTech has become much smoother, allowing their IT team to focus on growth projects. Now protected against the latest threats, they can innovate and expand with confidence.

Why Cybersecurity Pays Off 

Our effective cybersecurity solutions is critical role in safeguarding business operations and data. Here’s how: 


Advanced Threat Protection

Implementation of cutting-edge security software and machine learning to proactively block cyber threats.


Comprehensive Data and Email Security

Robust spam filtering and encrypted email solutions to protect sensitive information and prevent data breaches.


Enhanced Security Infrastructure

Development of a secure, encrypted environment for data storage and communication, fortifying against cyber attacks.

Want Stronger Defenses?

With our security services, we’ve got you covered from advanced firewalls to data encryption, ensuring your operations are safe from any digital threats.