Last Minute Gift Ideas for Tech Lovers

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Last Minute Gift Ideas for Tech Lovers


  • Smart Watches – Provides relevant information when and where you want it
  • Google Glass –  Access information like email and texts, take hands-free pictures and videos, effortlessly translate your voice, and even receive overlaid walking, cycling, or driving directions within your field of vision.
  • Narrative Clip – Life-logging wearable camera that shoots a single geotagged frame every 30 seconds. It holds 4,000 frames. Small 1.5 inches square.
  • AnyGlove – Solution made specifically to work with touchscreens makes any pair of gloves touchscreen responsive

Health Nerds

  • Biometric Devices (wearable electronics) – have advanced sensors that can generate valuable data and provide around-the-clock wireless health monitoring – watch, Ravi Ratan Wi-Fi Hotspot Cufflinks, Fitbit Force, Fitbit One & Fitbit Flex- a wrist band that tracks movement 24/7
  • Remote Health Monitoring – monitors blood pressure and other vitals that can be connected to an individual’s doctor – Scout, bio-stamp, and “Thin-skin” electronics are “ultra-thin flexible sensors” that look like a Band-Aid ®. But they are chips designed to monitor human body functions, like vital signs or a baby’s temperature. They can also sense when the body needs a targeted medical therapy, like insulin for diabetics. Through wireless communication, they can trigger a real-time response from caregivers to intervene if needed.
  • Virtual Coach- to help you achieve those hard-to-reach goals, a virtual coach can help you process health data and implement changes in your daily life to push you into goal success!

Smart Home Automation

  • Intelligent Thermostat & Smoke Alarms–energy efficiency  — Nest
  • Personal Wireless Lighting System – Adjusts light levels – Philips Hue Lighting System
  • Smart TV – Ability to use Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, and their web browser via their TV.
  • Perfect Drink – app-controlled smart bartender / computerized mixologist weighs beverage with connected scale and instructs ingredients for desired drink recipe
  • Cool Shooter Ice Shot Glasses – Tray makes 4 glasses at a time.
  • iKettle – will wake you up, boil your water, and do it all remotely
  • Sono – This is a bit of a tease because this item is not in the production stage yet. This is a noise filtering product that sticks onto your window and will cancel real-world noise but isolate the noises you’d prefer to hear. Keep an eye out for this item!

Gadgets for the Whole Family

  • Kindle Fire HDX – a tablet that comes with a human tech support representative, great for tech-unsavvy relatives.
  • LittleBits – Lego-like set of modules designed to teach youngsters about circuits and currents.
  • Monkey Light – spoke-connecting LED array with full-color graphics, waterproof construction, a stainless steel anti-theft strap, and up to 25 hours of battery life.
  • Playaboule Lighted Bocce Ball Set – kit of eight, 4.2 inch, regulation-sized bocce balls weigh 12 pounds in all and can be seen more than 100 feet away. Batteries last up to eight hours.
  • Goal Zero Nomad Solar Panels – Portable solar panels. The 20-watt model folds up small and weighs just 2 ½ pounds and is strong enough to power a laptop. Great for hikers and mountaineers.
  • iTwin Connect – Personal VPN USB that encrypts all of your data by running it either through iTwin’s servers or your own network, even if it’s in a different city.
  • Morphie Juice Pack Air – (RED) Edition is both a phone case and battery pack that can double battery life.
  • Anki Drive – A cross between a video game and remote-controlled cars. Cars are charged in a clamshell adaptor and each is controlled using an iOS device. Cars are equipped with virtual lasers so you can last your competition.
  • Rocksmith 2014 – a video game that runs the player through a multitude of games and teaches you how to play the guitar.
  • Media Subscription – If you are not sure what gadget to choose, buy the content someone will enjoy. Most paid subscription services offer gift subscriptions.

Happy Holidays and happy hunting from all of us at Elevated Technologies!

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