Protect Your Business with This Hurricane Checklist

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Protect Your Business with This Hurricane Checklist

Think for a moment about how far your beloved business has come. You’ve worked so hard to get your company to where it is today and are so proud of where you’re at and the bright future ahead. What if, all of a sudden, a hurricane was to roll through and devastate your place of work, destroying your technology with lost data as an outcome? Is this something you could come back from? Is this something you are prepared for?

Unfortunately, hurricane season isn’t over until the end of November. With the possibility of these wicked storms striking your business, it’s essential that you take necessary precautions and preparation just as you would for your home (gathering supplies, a generator, food, water, etc.) Having a backup plan to ensure your organization’s data remains protected is crucial. Those who don’t could be making a catastrophic mistake that could end their business for good.

Below is a checklist to ensure your business’s data and IT systems remain protected during a hurricane.

Inventory and Evaluation

Do a walkthrough of the premises, inventory all valuables, and evaluate hardware/software assets and data. Make sure that the make, model, operating system, network devices, and serial numbers are included in your inventory. Store this information off-site or in a cloud-based system. It is also a good idea to take pictures and/or videos of all equipment and valuables on the premises so that you can claim insurance in case of any damage.


Backing up your data should go without saying. However, while it’s essential to back up data on-site, it’s even more important to back up off-site. Most backup and recovery companies ensure their data centers are invulnerable. Not only are these buildings under extreme security, protecting from any potential intruders, but they’re also virtually bulletproof to any form of natural disaster (including hurricanes!) Storing your data off-site is a great business practice, not only protecting your business from natural disasters but also in the event of a cyber-attack. It’s safe to say you can rest easy knowing your data is completely secure off-site.

Consider the Cloud

A cloud-based system can be a blessing for businesses. Like off-site backups, cloud backups are inherently situated elsewhere which means your backups are no longer vulnerable to disasters and other causes of data loss that happen at the source. When you use a cloud computing service, your data becomes remote. Not only does this make for a seamless recovery if disaster strikes but also allows employees to work from home if there is any damage to the office.

Regular Backup Testing

Nowadays, testing the recovery of systems has been made extremely simple with new technology. Given its simplicity, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be testing your backups on a regular basis. These tests ensure that any data stored in your backups can be restored quickly so that your business is able to get back up and running after disaster strikes.

Protect Electronics

Aside from securing doors and windows on the premises, there are other preparation measures you can take to protect your office space and technology.

If a hurricane is on track near your office, it’s essential to prepare the space for the worst. Start by shutting down and powering off all computers, devices, printers/scanners, and other systems. Then unplug machines, power surges, and Ethernet cables from computers or docking stations. You can use dry bags or plastic to cover electronics for short-term protection. Lastly, if you’re on a bottom floor or stand-alone building, it’s a good idea to move these electronics into a safe room and/or high off the ground to prevent any flood damage.

Be Prepared

Knowing what steps to take before disaster strikes will help you be as prepared as possible in these worst-case scenarios. Elevated Technologies is committed to ensuring our clients are prepared with the proper technology to meet their current/future needs as well as advising them about safeguarding their business from natural disasters, cyber-attacks, and other catastrophes.

Contact Elevated Technologies today if you have any questions regarding disaster recovery or any of the other managed services we provide. Our goal is to provide you with exceptional IT management and support so that your business can be as efficient as possible.

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