4 Myths About Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Busted

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4 Myths About Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Busted

When it comes to managed service providers, IT professionals either love them or hate them. Many of these professionals who have been burned by a poor-quality MSP will find it hard to change their perception of the industry. To see the true value of managed service providers, it’s important to clear up the misconceptions some might have when it comes to these controversial providers.

MSPs are third-party technology specialists that deliver infrastructure, network, application, and security management services to organizations. This concept is only a little over a decade old, and like most younger industries, there are exceptional providers and some that give MSPs a bad reputation. As the industry evolves, the higher-quality MSPs continue to separate themselves to provide an unbeatable IT support option.

Below are four busted myths that will help you separate fact from fiction when it comes to MSPs:

Myth #1: Your IT Department Will Be Fired or Lose Operational Control

When work is outsourced, many assume that you are downsizing to shrink expenses. Your present IT staff might fear they will be let go or lose control over IT-related operations if your idea of hiring an MSP gets brought to their attention.

Bust #1

CompTIA survey showed that only 6% of companies that hired an MSP actually fired their in-house IT department. Hiring an MSP doesn’t have to mean the end of your current IT team’s future at your company, but rather the beginning of a reprioritized role.

Myth #2: MSPs Fail to Give Your Company a Competitive Advantage

MSPs grow their business by gaining new clientele. Many believe that if these MSPs are providing the same services to each of their clients, they will lose their competitive edge by lacking differentiation in their technology and data.

Bust #2

The value of an MSP isn’t necessarily to provide a custom solution to give you a competitive advantage over your competitors but to free up valuable time for you to spend leveraging your data for growth instead of wasting it worrying about your IT. An MSP can help lower costs and free up your precious time by taking over the time-consuming tasks that keep your business in order. This way, you and your team can focus on what really matters: Figuring out ways to outsmart and outwork your competitors, eventually outlasting them.

Myth #3: Transitioning to an MSP Will Create Internal Confusion

When it comes to your work routine, many employees are apprehensive about change. When new technologies and systems are introduced, there is always an adjustment period where these employees have to learn how to use new technologies and tools. With the learning curve that comes with hiring an MSP, many believe that it will cause confusion, stall production and hinder efficiency until everyone is adjusted.

Bust #3

The majority of MSPs are used for the intricate and highly technical aspects of a business’s infrastructure that have little effect on your employees’ day-to-day office routine. However, if there is a new tool or service that is introduced to your team, it is likely brought on to make your business more productive and efficient. An MSP will also always ensure that everyone is brought up to speed and be there to clear up any confusion you might have throughout the adjustment period. Overall, your internal department should feel less stress when working with an MSP.

Myth #4: MSPs are More Expensive

Many believe that hiring a company to outsource tasks that their present IT department already manages is a waste of money. They also won’t believe MSPs when they guarantee that their company will save on operational costs. They think it’s hard to validate the costs and too risky.

Bust #4

MSPs allow a business to maintain its IT environment for a fixed monthly cost. This fee typically covers round-the-clock support, routine maintenance, troubleshooting, and repairs on an as-needed basis. Countless studies have shown that a fixed, consistent expense like this can give your budget some much-needed wiggle room for investment in your business. The savings can be used to grow your business, educate your staff, and expand your reach. You’ll be able to do the things you really want to do with your business without having to worry about your IT.


An effective service provider will improve and empower your internal IT.

Every business, big or small, must come to terms with the fact that every business operation is tied to technology. Your company’s IT environment is critical to the success of your business. Partnering with a managed service provider can help you maintain an infrastructure that is up-to-date and reliable, so you can focus on what matters most: increasing revenue for your business. Elevated Technologies will work with your company to establish the managed services that your company needs. You handle your business and we’ll handle your IT. Want to know more? Contact us!

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