4 Reasons Why Your Dental Practice Needs an MSP

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4 Reasons Why Your Dental Practice Needs an MSP

As a dentist, you’ve worked so hard and put in so many hours to get your practice to where it is today, so it’s safe to say you’ll do everything you can to ensure your practice succeeds.

When practices aren’t getting the essential tools and programs out of their information technology, there is usually a serious lack of efficiency and a waste of hard-earned money. With that being said, keeping an IT support expert in the office is usually unconventional and impractical. Even if it was, one IT expert is not enough and is unlikely to keep up with the ever-changing IT industry. This is where a managed service provider (MSP) comes into play. MSPs have the most knowledgeable IT engineers on their team who are experienced in dental office software systems and can provide the tech support that will only help your practice succeed.

1.) HIPAA Compliance

Federal-regulated industries such as healthcare, finance, education, motor vehicle manufacturing, etc. follow government-mandated rules and guidelines concerning the use, storage, and security of information. Being in the healthcare industry, your dental practice is expected to comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) to ensure patient privacy and security.

It is detrimental that dentists and other handlers of patient information in this industry evaluate their IT systems, digital records maintenance, and patient information handling practices, as well as be fully knowledgeable of the relevant healthcare rules and regulations.

Having an MSP will ensure that your business stays HIPAA compliant by keeping your IT software and systems up to date with the latest and greatest data security.

People believe that one of the benefits of having your own internal IT staff is that they are constantly available to resolve any issues that may occur. However, what happens when a problem presents itself in the middle of the night or weekend?

2.) Consistent Support

MSPs are staffed 24/7 to resolve any potential issues that could occur. Some issues just can’t wait until Monday morning to be fixed. Even if they could, your team’s efficiency and ability to get their work done would be at risk.

Complete around-the-clock support from an MSP safeguards your operations and guarantees that issues are resolved as quickly and effectively as possible. Implementing these professional engineers to monitor your IT systems will allow your business to maintain focus on the most important tasks.

3.) Security and Proactivity

For many organizations, security is easily the most important reason to have dedicated IT partner monitoring and managing their network and systems, and with good reason. The majority of cyber-attacks target small businesses. While these businesses may house tons of important, confidential data, they usually can’t afford the aftermath of a cyber-attack.

The more successful your practice becomes, the greater your risk and potential consequences of a security breach. MSPs are heavily invested in cybersecurity and make sure their partners’ systems are safeguarded and secure 24/7. By proactively adapting and modifying their security processes, they ensure that your practice’s and patients’ data is protected.

4.) Less Money and Time Spent

In an in-house-only structure, greater proficiency often means spending more money and time. This kind of investment is usually very inefficient and expensive. MSP consultants are focused on key business needs because they recognize that they can provide more effective and sufficient support for these needs and charge a lot less than it would cost an individual to accomplish the same tasks.

IT operations are one of the greatest examples of this benefit. Infrastructure is extremely costly. IT trends are constantly changing and can create confusion for those who are inexperienced. As mentioned earlier, it’s virtually impossible for an in-house IT team to manage the company’s systems and keep up with the ever-changing industry.

All of the services of an MSP are yours for a fixed monthly fee. This includes maintenance, monitoring, repairs, updates, and more.

Partnering with an MSP like us, Elevated Technologies, gives you access to first-class resources when you need them without breaking the bank. Without the burden of maintaining IT operations and learning the latest in IT management, you’ll be able to invest that time in the success of your business.

If your dental practice hasn’t implemented an MSP, now is the time. If you need more information or would like to schedule a free assessment with us, contact us now! We look forward to working with you and bringing you Houston’s top-of-the-line IT support.

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