Simple Ways to Improve Your Cyber Security

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Simple Ways to Improve Your Cyber Security

The Internet is such a vital tool in everyday life for everyone, according to the US Department of Homeland Security. With having all that information out on the internet comes an increase in cyber-attacks that can affect people and companies on a global scale, including you. Based on a report produced by PricewaterhouseCoopers, there was a 38% increase in phishing security attacks year after year, in 2016. Each year the attackers and their techniques are evolving. This means more and more people and companies are being affected every day.

Businesses should invest and improve their cyber security, but it can seem daunting to some people. Just in 2017 has had equally worrisome reports of serious cyber breaches that affect individuals and companies. Some more severe instances include a recent security breach to credit-reporting agency Equifax, a Gmail phishing campaign, a US IRS data breach, and the British health system shutdown that affected administering medical attention to patients all over the UK.

With so many cyber-attacks and the growing concern for your security, what steps should you take to protect yourself or your company?

Don’t worry there are simple ways and steps you can take that will help protect you and defend you from hackers!


Stay ahead and up to date on the techniques, the hackers are using. Receiving the proper training can help you to avoid cyber-attacks and identify early warnings of these attacks. The extra knowledge can help you spot risk to prevent anything from happening. Overall improving your cyber security.

Always Think Before Clicking

Always trust your gut; your instincts are generally right. Most of the time, in these situations we can see that something is just not right, but we can’t seem to figure out what it is. When this happens trust your gut! If you can see something is off, open that email, or don’t click on the link.

Consider the Source

Is this someone you know or, have received any emails from them in the past? Does whatever they’re offering sound too good or seems like a scam? Reading the complete email address or looking into the person can help you not fall for their tricks.

Safety Security Back-Up Options

If there are extra security options available such as setting the multi-factor authentication on accounts, keeping a strong password using a password manager, and securing your data by backing it up. You can never be too safe when it comes to your information and security.

Are you in need of cyber training? Does your cyber security company not offer any train options? Because we do! We want to make sure you understand your cyber security and opportunities to protect yourself. We work hard, so you can relax using the internet.

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