The Top 5 Cybersecurity Trends to Watch

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The Top 5 Cybersecurity Trends to Watch

How do you protect yourself in today’s dangerous cyber landscape? Reading our top 5 cybersecurity trends in 2022 to make sure your cybersecurity defense is strong.

Every new year introduces new cyber threats to watch out for, and 2022 is no different. In fact, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic poses more unique cybersecurity threats than in previous years.

With everyone staying close to home, and much of the population still working from home, life is getting more and more digital. The adoption of smart technology also opens the doors to new types of cyber threats.

1. Increased Protection Against Ransomware Attacks

A ransomware attack occurs when a hacker accesses your server and encrypts files, leaving you unable to access them. Attackers then threaten to publish your private data or destroy it unless you pay them a ransom.

The ransom is usually in cryptocurrency, and many attackers don’t live up to their end of the bargain, which means you lose access to your data forever. If your data gets published online, your business can face legal battles and fines, not to mention damage to your reputation.

Ransomware attacks drastically increased in 2021, and they will continue to increase this year. Most attacks start with a phishing email, which tricks employees into clicking on a link that looks reputable.

Fight Ransomware Attacks With Employee Phishing Training

Phishing emails are getting harder and harder to identify without training, which is why ransomware attacks are at the top of the cybersecurity trends 2022 list. Unfortunately, many employees give away private information or click on a link that downloads ransomware software before they realize it is an attack.

In 2022, it’s crucial that your team knows how to spot phishing messages. Our team at Elevated Technologies can test your employees with mock phishing emails. Once we identify your weaknesses, we offer customized employee phishing training to improve your defenses.

2. Better Cybersecurity Hygiene in 2022

Not all 2022 cybersecurity trends are grim. As cyberattacks get more advanced, more people are waking up to the importance of strong cybersecurity defense plans. That means that more small businesses are hosting cybersecurity training for their employees.

Small businesses have a stronger threat of a data breach because attackers assume they do not have cybersecurity measures in place as larger corporations do. Luckily, many small businesses have caught on, and more will implement cybersecurity practices in 2022.

The best way to protect your small business from a cyberattack is with a security plan that’s made for your operations. All businesses are different, so they have unique vulnerabilities when it comes to cyber threats.

At Elevated Technologies, we create cyber attack prevention plans based on your strengths and weaknesses, and we monitor the dark web around the clock to make sure your private business information isn’t leaked.

3. Supply Chain Attacks Increasing

The COVID-19 pandemic put strains on supply chains across all industries making this one of the most prevalent cybersecurity trends 2022 will encounter. As businesses fight to keep up with consumer demand, cyber attackers will attempt to take advantage of supply chain vulnerabilities.

To prevent this, it’s important to have strong security across your supply chain management systems. That means that you need effective safety measures in place throughout the processing, manufacturing, handling, and distributing phases of your operations, especially as you outsource.

A great example of a supply chain hack is the 2020 SolarWinds attack that affected several departments of the U.S. government. Attackers accessed Microsoft cloud programs through a supply chain hack, along with SolarWinds and VMware software, to steal government data.

4. More Smart Technology Hacks

Thanks to smart technology, you can connect your refrigerator, watch, thermostat, and a myriad of other everyday devices to the internet. While smart technology makes life and business more convenient through integration, it also opens the door to more cyber threats. The more devices you connect, the easier it is to breach data.

This cyber threat should not scare you from implementing smart technology that can make your business processes easier. However, it’s vital that every internet-connected device and software has strong cybersecurity to minimize attacks.

5. More Attacks Through Mobile Devices

Most people relate cyberattacks to laptops and desktop computers. That’s because computers are easier to hack than phones. However, in recent years, hackers have shifted their focus to mobile devices.

According to cybersecurity trends in 2022, your phone knows more about you than your computer does. Along with tracking your location at all times, cloud technology allows you to seamlessly share data across several devices through your phone. Plus, phones also store financial data through banking apps and services like Apple Pay.

As workers continue to work from home, they use their phones for both business and life. That means that valuable company data could end up on a mobile device. In addition, phishing emails and texts are often opened on phones.

As a business owner, it’s important that your cybersecurity training includes mobile security. Whether your employees work from the office or from home, they need to know how to protect company information on all of their devices.

Now that you know the top 5 cybersecurity trends in 2022, it’s time to get protected. At Elevated Technologies, we can give your employees the training they need to stay safe on the internet.

Employee testing and training are the best ways to increase your defense against outside cyber threats. It also guarantees that your entire team is on the same page regarding cybersecurity vigilance.

Contact us today for a free cybersecurity briefing. We serve businesses throughout the Greater Houston Area, including Sugar Land, Katy, The Woodlands, Richmond, and Cypress.

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