‘Tis the Season for eCommerce Fraud

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‘Tis the Season for eCommerce Fraud

Online shopping is on the rise in 2020, due in large part to the global pandemic COVID-19. With the holidays approaching, those numbers continue to increase daily. While shopping at home helps keep consumers healthy and safe, it also increases the risk of eCommerce fraud and online shopping scams. Online retail fraud has grown by an estimated one-third this year. This can include skimming cyber attacks and eCommerce business scams. Elevated Technologies strives to educate and equip businesses for safer online operations.It is crucial that shoppers take precautions by paying with credit cards and keeping records of their transactions. Businesses too must also do their part in eCommerce fraud prevention. At Elevated Technologies we have the tools to keep your business’s cyber security up-to-date. This will help keep your business and your customers protected from hacking and scams.

How Thieves Commit Online Shopping Scams

Online shopping scams can occur in a variety of ways. Some are within a business’s control. Others are not. There are ways to combat the many different types of payment fraud. Elevated Technologies equips your business to shield itself from online criminals and e-skimming. Read more below about what businesses can and cannot control when it comes to eCommerce fraud.

Businesses Can Control eCommerce Fraud

If you think of your business’ website as a house, your security comes from locking the doors and windows. By keeping your perimeter secure, and only letting in wanted guests, you create a safer home. Elevated Technologies specializes in providing top-of-the-line customized network security. Our expert protection helps defend your small business with eCommerce fraud prevention.

Elevated Technologies customer data security protections include:

  • Managed firewall
  • Managed secure WiFi
  • Managed remote connectivity
  • Managed Windows patching
  • Managed third-party patching
  • Managed anti-virus protection
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Two-factor authentication
  • User awareness training

 Online Shopping Scams Businesses Cannot Control

Customer data protection goes a long way in preventing eCommerce fraud. But there are many scams that your business cannot control. Most include digital payment fraud and the consequences that come along with it. In some cases, hackers create fake retailer websites. Hackers then take the shopper’s money without providing goods or services. Another tool hackers use is to create fake emails, texts, and social media pages. They pose as a legitimate retailer and trick customers into spending money on nothing. This is not only a trick used on customers, they can target your business as well. Payment fraud is an unfortunate reality in online shopping and most times out of a business’s control.

Warning Signs of Online Shopping Scams

One of the keys to protecting your small business’ online data from online scams is by recognizing the warning signs. Typically, scammers want you to act quickly before you can catch up with their lies. They may create a sense of urgency and try to establish themselves as a trusted figure. They may even use intimidation or fear so that you will obey before thinking it through.

Common scams against small businesses:

  • Fake invoices
  • Nonexistent advertising
  • Unnecessary licenses or approvals
  • Unsolicited goods
  • Phishing attacks on employees
  • Credit Card processing scams

Customer Data Security FAQs

How can you prevent skimming?

Our experts at Elevated Technologies protect businesses with managed data protection and phishing scam testing. Not only must businesses protect themselves reactively but also proactively. Proactive scam protection includes educating employees and protecting sensitive information. We teach your employees how to spot a suspicious email and what to do when it happens.

How do companies protect customer data?

Customer data protection begins with Elevated Technologies’ managed data protection. Secure data is the first step in scam prevention. Immediate reporting of fraud to the FTC and the Better Business Bureau is also crucial.

Elevated Technologies provides reliable and regular data backups. Should your business ever experience a data breach, our dependable data recovery allows your company to react quickly. We help you eliminate downtime and provide proactive customer data protection.

Your Solution is One Call Away

With eCommerce fraud on the rise this Holiday season, now is the time to protect your company. Although there are some scams out of your control, there are tools available to help protect your business. Contact Elevated Technologies today to take the first step in safeguarding your business from online scams.

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